Chickasaw Nation Residents - These services are available only within the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

Chickasaws At-Large - These services are available only outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

All Service Areas (Both) - These services are available both within and outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

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Food Distribution Program

Nutrition education and commodity foods are available through Food Distribution program grocery stores in nutrition centers in Ada, Ardmore and Purcell, Okla. Participants may shop on the day of their choice in any of the stores. Stores are closed the last two working days of each month....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Foster Care and Adoption Program

The Chickasaw Nation Foster Care and Adoption Program, provided by Chickasaw Nation Child Welfare Services, was developed to provide temporary or permanent care for Native American children placed into tribal or state custody. Since its inception, the foster care and adoption program has aggressively worked toward a goal of providing safe and nurturing care for custody children. ...


FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is designed for those who want to compete head-to-head, using a sports model. Teams of up to 10 students are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

General Assistance

The general assistance program is intended to meet certain unmet essential needs of otherwise eligible Native Americans. Unmet essential needs are determined by reviewing applicants and their situations, including a determination of the size of the household, income or resources available and the applicable state public assistance requirements for meeting financial need. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Get Fresh! Nutrition Program

Get Fresh! encourages healthy ways to prepare food and provides nutrition information through entertaining cooking shows. These shows are offered monthly at the nutrition services sites in Ada, Ardmore, and Purcell or may be scheduled by reque...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Golf Camp

The goal of the junior golf camp is to provide Native American youth the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf while learning life skills such as honor, integrity and sportsmanship. Along with introducing a life sport that can be enjoyed by all generations of the family, participants will receive necessary tools needed to build a lasting foundation for the game of golf. Instruction is provided for all skill levels with a highly knowledgeable and motivated sta...


Foster Grandparents Program

The Foster Grandparents Program was created by the Corporation for National and Community Service and established in the Chickasaw Nation in 2015. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Halloween Lock-in

This Halloween-themed lock-in allows students to enjoy mini-bowling, go-karts, batting cages, mini-golf, climbing wall, bumper cars, bumper boats, arcade and other fun activities. &n...


Handicapped Accessibility Grant

This program provides assistance to low income citizens to make their homes handicapped accessible. This assistance is a grant up to $5,000 paid directly to a citizen living at large and the contractor of their choice.

Chickasaws At-Large

Hayaka Unta Camp

This camp gives Chickasaw youth and a parent or guardian an opportunity to share quality time together while enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. The camp provides a safe, wholesome and enjoyable experience where relationships can be strengthened while away from the everyday distractions of life. T...


Head shot and Resume Workshops

Head shot and resume workshops designed for actors, models, singers, dancers and technical support for all ages and levels of experience and are offered throughout the year.  Professional head shots and resumes are a standard requirement for all film, commercial and modeling auditions, and are requested more and more when auditioning for plays.  The workshops take place in the black box theatre in the arts and humanities building at 201 N. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma. The head...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Health Spending Account (HSA)

The health spending account (HSA) gives tribal citizens control of when and where health care services are obtained. Citizens 65 and older, or permanently disabled on Medicare, are eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $200 of approved health care expenses per month. Required enrollment application may be downloaded or attained by contacting the Duncan office. ...

Chickasaws At-Large

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles is a residential substance abuse program that serves Native American adults. Based on the disease concept of substance abuse, the program is focused on the holistic approach to care, and also addresses co-occurring disorders. Each individual receives an assessment and an individualized treatment pl...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Hinoshi’ Chokma’ (Good Paths)

The Chickasaw Nation Hinoshi’ Chokma’, or “Good Paths” Program provides young Chickasaw ages 14 to 21 with assistance in goal setting and life skills. An incentive-based program, Hinoshi’ Chokma,’ rewards participants with incentives as they accomplish a number of set goals. Monthly...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Historic Preservation

The Chickasaw Nation Division of Historic Preservation is responsible for consulting with federal agencies when they take actions that might impact sacred sites and culturally significant historic sites in the homelands states of Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi under the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Higher Education Grants, Scholarships and Incentives

Chickasaw citizens pursuing higher education from accredited institutions are eligible to receive various grants and scholarships to assist with the cost of tuition, books and fees. ...

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Holba’ Kana’li Film Series

The Holba’ Kana’li Film Series began in 2009 as a way of showcasing Native American and Indigenous film and filmmakers.  Through this program arts and humanities is able to highlight the work of actors, writers and directors to an audience who may not otherwise be exposed to the variety of films shown in the Holba’ Kana’li Film Series.  Independent films and big budget movies covering a variety of genres such as comedy, drama and horror have been shown.  O...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Himonaꞌ Program “To Wait”

The purpose of the Himonaꞌ program is to offer abstinence education and training for youth and their family members. The Himonaꞌ program’s goal is to help youth identify healthy relationships, develop skills to make good decisions and set goals for the future, while understanding and avoiding sexual transmitted diseases (STD). ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Holisso: The Center for Study of Chickasaw History and Culture

The Holisso Research Center is a clearinghouse for study, scholarship and research of Chickasaws and Southeastern tribes. The center is located on the Chickasaw Cultural Center campus in Sulphur, Okla. For complete information about the center, visit the Holisso Research Center. The Research Center also houses genealogy and photography archives. Items can be dona...


Home Improvement Grant

This program assists low income citizens outside the Chickasaw Nation or at large with home repairs. The assistance is a grant up to $5,000 paid directly to citizen and contractor for the repair of a citizen’s home.

Chickasaws At-Large

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