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Programs and Services Directories

This online booklet features sliding pages, an easy-to-navigate dropdown menu and a search and share feature to make finding the service you need easy and convenient.

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The online version of the service directory is updated periodically throughout the year. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the services section of this site.

2022 Programs and Services Guides: Released this Fall

Programs and services directories are mailed to citizen households annually in the fall. Click below to update your address.

Programs and Services Directory: Chickasaw Nation Residents

This directory lists all resources offered to Chickasaw citizens living within the Chickasaw Nation. The tribal territory covers 13 south-central Oklahoma counties. From creating educational opportunities to providing excellent health care and housing services, the programs and services outlined in this guide are designed to enhance the lives of Chickasaws.

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Services at-Large Directory

This directory lists all programs and services offered to Chickasaw citizens living outside the Chickasaw Nation. The resources outlined in this guide are designed to assist and support Chickasaws around the globe.

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Oklahoma Programs and Services Directory

This directory lists all programs and services offered to Chickasaw citizens living in Oklahoma but outside the Chickasaw Nation. Many services are just a short drive away for citizens in Oklahoma. This guide offers programs accessible in Oklahoma in addition to the services-at-large directory.