Chickasaw Nation Residents - These services are available only within the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

Chickasaws At-Large - These services are available only outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

All Service Areas (Both) - These services are available both within and outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

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Baseball Clinic

This clinic is designed to teach essential life skills, such as dedication, goal setting and teamwork, while teaching the basic skills of baseball. Camp instruction focuses on improving the fundamentals of hitting, pitching and fielding. ...


Camp Survivor

Camp Survivor is a wellness camp that incorporates activities promoting physical, mental, cultural and spiritual health. Throughout the week, campers participate in numerous activities, including swimming, hiking, fishing, archery, canoeing, rock climbing, stickball and nutrition education....


Champions Football Clinic

At this clinic, a team of veteran coaches and players teach students fundamental football skills. ...


Cheerleading Clinic

At this clinic, cheerleading coaches instruct students on motion, jumps, spirit, rhythm, health and fitness. ...


Chickasaw Arts Academy

This unique academy emphasizes Chickasaw and other Southeastern Native American cultures and tribal aesthetics through the fine and performing arts. Students are immersed in an exploration of various artistic fields, career preparatory programming and student-oriented skill development.

Tailored for aspiring artists, participants are presented opportunities in:

  • 2-D drawing
  • 2-D painting
  • 3-D metalsmithing
  • Costume design
  • Culinary
  • Dance
  • Digital art
  • Fashion design
  • Music industry
  • Musical theater
  • On-camera acting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Technical theater
  • Traditional acting
  • Traditional pottery
  • Video production
  • Vocal music
  • Other subjects

All arts academy sessions take place at East Central University (ECU) in Ada, Oklahoma.

Attending the summer session of the academy is a prerequisite for the fall and spring session; and any additional sessions of the Chickasaw Arts Academy.

2020 Summer Session

Students are divided into the following programs to accommodate specific ages and skill levels:

Starting Arts Rotation (STAR) (Ages 8-10) and Intermediate (Ages 11-13)

Orientation for students, parents and faculty, June 13
Classes, June 15-26, excluding weekends

The two-week experience will culminate with an arts gala highlighting student work and a performing arts showcase on Friday, June 26, at ECU.

Housing will be provided for 12- to 13-year-old students who live outside of Ada, Oklahoma.

Majors (Ages 14*-18)

Orientation for students, parents and faculty, July 11
Musical theater auditions, July 11
Classes, July 13-24

The summer session will conclude July 24 with an arts gala to display various visual art pieces and culinary creations and a showcase incorporating all of the performing arts disciplines into a final production at ECU.

* To attend the majors academy, students must be age 14 by July 11.

Online Application Available


Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Youth Academy

The Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Youth Academy provides an excellent opportunity for Native American youth to explore a career in law enforcement. Academy students will hear presentations from law enforcement personnel who understand the daily challenges faced within the tribal law enforcement community; and learn life skills such as teamwork, communication, safety and crime prevention. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

History Camp

Participants will tour the Chickasaw Council House Museum, Chickasaw Capitol, Boggy Depot and Fort Washita. Students will enjoy activities such as stickball, fishing and flying kites and learn how to create stickballs, arrows and fish nets. Lunch will be provided. ...


Holisso Ikbi "Book Creation" Camp

This camp will introduce students to the world of book publishing from concept to writing, illustrating, editing, design and production. The students will be trained and guided through the steps of book creation while producing a book in digital format. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chikasha Albinachi “Cultural Camp”

This two-day camp provides students the opportunity to learn about and experience a variety of cultural activities, such as traditional games, stomp dancing, crafts and learning the Chickasaw language. ...


Chikasha Poya "We are Chickasaw"

This five-day camp provides students have an in-depth Chickasaw language-learning experience. Students will be taught practical language with a focus on interactions with other tribal citizens. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Native American Junior Invitational

The Native American Junior Invitational is a qualifying tennis tournament which allows youth to experience a tournament atmosphere without the pressures of a participating in school or tennis association bracket. It allows youth to display the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the game of tennis. T...


Chikashsha Billi'ya Camp (Forever Chickasaw)

Chickashsha Billi'ya Camp provides foster care students an opportunity to learn more about their Chickasaw culture and heritage. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chikashshaat Hoochokoshkomo "Chickasaws are Playing" Camp

This day camp provides students the opportunity to learn the history of playing the traditional game of stickball. Students will also learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. Students will participate in stickball and lacrosse drills. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

CNASA (Chickasaw Nation Aviation and Space Academy)

This is a weeklong summer academy for students interested in space, aviation, math and science. CNASA is designed to inspire excellence and to motivate and challenge the vision, talent and energies of our young people, encouraging them to pursue careers in science and technology. ...


Environmental Camp

Students, ages eight to 12, get a behind-the-scenes look at many facilities used to maintain our environment that go unseen by the typical citizen and learn about on-going conservation efforts at the local, state and national levels....


FCA Competitors Camp

The FCA Competitors Camp combines great facilities and activities with the athleticism and competition that defines the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) ministry. ...


FCA Xtreme Camp

This camp is for students who want to participate in challenging activities and great fellowship. Campers have the opportunity to water ski, water tube, skeet shoot, rappel, ride horses, compete in huddle competitions, scale a 65-foot climbing tower and experience a high ropes challenge course. ...


Fishing Clinic

The fishing clinic promotes aquatic resources and is a great way provide an opportunity for youth and their families to learn about fishing. Participants will learn about identifying types of fish, knot tying, fish cleaning and cooking, proper equipment to use, water safety, outdoor ethics, water quality and state laws and regulations. ...


Halloween Lock-in

Students who attend this Halloween-themed lock-in participate in mini-bowling, go-carts, batting cages, mini-golf, a rock climbing wall, bumper cars, arcade games and a variety of other fun activities throughout the night. ...


Hayaka Unta "Into the Woods" Camp

Hayaka Unta Camp gives Chickasaw youth and their parents or guardians an opportunity to share quality time together while enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. ...