Chickasaw Nation Election Board

The Chickasaw Nation Election Board is the administrative agency for the conduct of tribal elections and the oversight of voting districts Panola, Pickens, Pontotoc and Tishomingo. The election board is comprised of the election secretary/tribal registrar and five commissioners.

Secretary/Tribal Registrar

An election secretary/tribal registrar shall be a single full-time position appointed by the Governor and shall have the approval of the legislature prior to being employed and at least 60 days prior to the year's upcoming elections.  The election secretary/tribal registrar shall be a registered Chickasaw voter and a notary public and shall be responsible for the day-to-day procedures of the elections and tribal registration.  The salary shall be established by the legislature. (TL4-004, 4/17/87; TL 6-002, 4/7/89; GR5-85, 6/22/88; GR5-125, 10/3/88; amended by PR16-007, 3/19/99)

Election Commissioners

The election commission shall be composed of five tribal members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the legislature.  All must be residents of the Chickasaw Nation.  There shall be one member from each of the four voting districts of the nation and one member may be selected at large from any of the four districts.  The election commission shall be authorized to act in a prescribed manner and to perform prescribed acts as set forth in this code.  The commission shall be within the executive department; however, the commission shall make its decisions in the performance of its statutory duties and authority without input, advice or interference from any of the three departments of tribal government, any officer or employee thereof, or any other person not sitting on the commission. (TL 4-004, 4/17/87; TL 6-002, 4/7/89; Amended by PR16-007, 3/19/99; Amended by PR19-017, 4/23/02)

Commissioners' Term of Office

Members of the commission shall hold three-year terms.  In the event of an expansion of the number of election commission seats, the existing election commission members will stagger the terms of the newly created seats using the fairest and most equitable method in keeping with the language and intent of this provision.  A term year will be deemed to run from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31.  Commissioners shall be reappointed, or a replacement shall be appointed, at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the term.  Replacements for death or resignation must be done on an as needed basis and in a timely manner. (TL4-004, 4/17/87; TL6-002, 4/7/89; amended by PR16-007, 3/19/99; amended by PR19-17 4/23/02)