Four divisions were created to meet the unique demands of regulatory oversight. Divisions include licensing, regulatory compliance, technical compliance and combative sports.


The licensing division conducts background investigations of all applicants who apply for a gaming license/permit. All license/permit determinations follow the Chickasaw Nation Gaming Regulations, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, National Indian Gaming Commission’s Minimal Internal Control Standards and Chickasaw Nation and State of Oklahoma Gaming Compact.

Prior to beginning work at/or related to a gaming operation, a completed gaming application must be submitted to CNOGC in order to determine if a gaming license or gaming permit should be issued. CNOGC shall review a person's prior activities, criminal record, if any, and reputation, habits and associations to make a determination concerning the eligibility of the applicant to work in gaming.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory compliance division monitors the daily activities of the Chickasaw Nation gaming operations. The division performs periodic inspections, investigations and audits to ensure compliance with tribal, federal and state laws and regulations. In addition, the division determines regulatory approval for internal controls submitted by gaming operations. 

Technical Compliance

The technical compliance division examines, tests and determines regulatory approval for gaming devices and associated systems utilized within the Chickasaw Nation gaming facilities. The division performs routine inspections in the field to ensure continued integrity. In addition, the division establishes technical standards and controls for the development, shipment, and change management of gaming devices and associated systems.

Combative Sports

The combative sports division is responsible for the adoption and establishment of rules to regulate the conduct, promotion and performance of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts within the Chickasaw Nation Gaming Facilities. This division is the licensing authority for participants, seconds, officials and promoters. In addition, the division sanctions combative sporting events that take place within the Chickasaw Nation operated gaming facilities and approves the appointment of referees, judges, doctors and inspectors.