Chickasaw Nation Office of the Gaming Commissioner

The Chickasaw Nation Office of the Gaming Commissioner (CNOGC) was created Jan. 24, 1994, through the Chickasaw Nation Public Gaming Act of 1994. This act was later incorporated into Title 3 of the Chickasaw Nation Code and is known as the Chickasaw Gaming Ordinance. The CNOGC is the primary regulator of all Chickasaw Nation gaming facilities within a treaty territory that covers approximately 7,648 square miles.

CNOGC, established under the Gaming Ordinance, is an independent body that provides oversight to ensure compliance with federal, tribal and state laws and regulations. Its responsibilities include creation, implementation and compliance enforcement of rules, regulations and standards for licensees, locations, entities and patrons.

Message from the Gaming Commissioner, D. Scott Colbert

Successful regulation requires public support as much as it does the dedication and effort of each employee. This office is dedicated to serving the Chickasaw Nation through fair and consistent regulatory oversight of gaming operations. Our actions ensure the integrity of gaming and promote the social and economic growth of the Chickasaw Nation.

Thank you for your interest in CNOGC. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please let us know if we can assist you in any manner.

Thank you,

D. Scott Colbert
Gaming Commissioner

CNOGC Mission

To regulate gaming within the Chickasaw Nation, to shield it from organized crime and other corrupting influences, to ensure that the Chickasaw Nation is the primary beneficiary of the gaming operations and to ensure that gaming is conducted fairly and honestly by both the operations and players.

CNOGC Vision

To be proactive and recognized for fair and consistent implementation and enforcement of regulations.

CNOGC Values

CNOGC commits to a participatory, fair and transparent process in the regulation of gaming with the public, as well as among our industry partners.