Geographic Information

The Chickasaw Nation treaty territory encompasses 7,648 square miles of south-central Oklahoma and encompasses all or parts of 13 Oklahoma counties.

Chickasaw Nation 13 Counties

  • Grady County
  • McClain County
  • Garvin County
  • Pontotoc County
  • Stephens County
  • Carter County
  • Murray County
  • Johnston County
  • Jefferson County
  • Love County
  • Marshall County
  • Bryan County
  • Coal County



The Chickasaw Nation has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. Normal daily mean temperatures range from 37 degrees in January to 85 degrees in July.

The record low temperature in the state of Oklahoma was -31 degrees on February 10, 2011, and the record high temperature of 120 degrees was reached multiple times in 1936.

Dry, sunny weather generally prevails throughout the Chickasaw Nation. Average rainfall is between 35 and 50 inches. Snowfall averages about 9 inches per year.