Chickasaw Nation Residents - These services are available only within the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

Chickasaws At-Large - These services are available only outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

All Service Areas (Both) - These services are available both within and outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries.

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Sexual Assault/Rape Services

The Chickasaw Nation Office of Violence Prevention offers a variety of services to assist victims of sexual assault.  These services are voluntary and available to Native Americans age 15 and up who meet eligibility criteria....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Sick Child Care Program

The purpose of the Chickasaw Nation’s sick child care facility is to protect the health, safety and well-being of well and mildly-ill children. The sick child care facility houses children with health issues such as upper-respiratory illnesses, gastrointestinal disorders and other mildly-contagious disorders. Classrooms are categorized by illness, helping to contain the spread of illness by air. The cen...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Small Business Development Center

The Chickasaw Nation Small Business Development Center (CNSBDC) seeks to provide one-to-one business counseling, economic development assistance and training to Chickasaw entrepreneurs. CNSBDC provides prospective and existing Chickasaw small business persons and entities with counseling, training and specialized services concerning the formation, management and operation of small businesse...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Southeastern Art Show and Market

In 2005, the Southeastern Art Show and Market (SEASAM) began what is now a time-honored tradition with the first competition, show and market.  Eight years later it continues to be committed to providing professional development and networking opportunities for youth, emerging and professional Southeastern and Woodland artists; to foster cultural identity through fine art of contemporary and traditional styles; and to provide a market place where artists may flourish. S...


Space Camp

Founded in 1982, Space Camp is known as one of the premier educational programs in the world. Located at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center at NASA’s Marshall Flight Center, the campus boasts the country’s only full rocket and shuttle display. A...


Special Needs Assistance for Chickasaw Citizens with Disabilities Program

REIMBURSEMENT of up to $500 per year for disability related assistive technology needed or expenses incurred for a Chickasaw Citizen with special needs to participate in extracurricular activities.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Storm Shelter Program

This program provides storm shelters for privately owned homes of Chickasaw citizens. R...


Story Concerts

Storytelling is a centuries old tradition passed down from generation to generation.  In the past, storytelling was used to teach lessons to children; in today’s society it is viewed as entertainment.  Storytelling is a unique and powerful performing art.  It expresses, teaches, and preserves values and beliefs; it engages the emotions, the imagination and the intellect of listeners of all ages....

Chickasaw Nation Residents


Passing accounts of our history from one generation to the next evolved differently in Chickasaw culture than in European-based societies.  Although the Chickasaw developed some basic writing to mark territory and leave simple messages, oral tradition rather than writing prevailed as the means of preserving history.  By word-of-mouth and over centuries Chickasaw ancestors have conveyed the historic accounts they felt most important for future generations to know. C...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Student Tutoring Reimbursement Program

The Chickasaw Nation Student Tutoring Reimbursement Program is funded by the Chickasaw Nation and provides at-risk Chickasaw students, in grades one through 12, assistance to improve their academic performance. E...


Summer Food Service Program

In the state of Oklahoma, one out of every four children will face hunger challenges when school closes for the summer. The Summer Food Service Program works diligently to provide nutritious, delicious meals to children age one through eighteen, during the summer months when the National School Lunch Program is not available. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Supplemental Lawn Mowing Program

The supplemental lawn mowing program provides supplemental lawn mowing services for eligible Chickasaw elders, 60 years of age or older, residing within the Chickasaw Nation boundaries. If approved, the client can expect lawn mowing services to be conducted at his or her primary residence and will only include the direct living area where the home is located. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Summer EBT for Children Program

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN RECEIVING FREE AND REDUCED SCHOOL MEALS WILL RECEIVE FREE FOOD THIS SUMMER! The Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services is now accepting applications for the Summer EBT for Children program. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 1, 2017. To apply, click Apply Online. To apply over the phone, call t...

Online Application Available

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Supplemental Wood Program

The supplemental wood program provides supplementary wood for eligible Chickasaw elders, 60 years of age or older, who use a fireplace or wood stove to heat their home. Applicants must also reside within the Chickasaw Nation boundaries. This program provides one rick of wood per month (as needed) during winter months (November - March). T...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Tanumpo Hosa Apisa Camp

This camp features instruction on gun safety and marksmanship techniques for a maximum of 50 students. Tanumpo Hosa Apisa (pronounced tah-noom-poh hohn-sah ah-pe-sah, meaning gun shoot straight) is designed to encourage participation in a long-term training program for young men and women wishing to excel in Olympic-style rifle and pistol shooti...


Transportation Services Program

This program provides medical transportation as well as pick-up and delivery of prescriptions.

The transportation services department has drivers located in Ada, Ardmore, Duncan, Oklahoma City, Pauls Valley, Purcell, Sulphur and Tishomingo.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Toksali SMART Program

Applications accepted March 1-31 - Applicatons will be accepted online. The Toksali Successful Mindsets with Attitude and Readiness for Tomorrow (Smart) Program provides workforce training and experience to eligible youth ages 14 to 21 to encourage productive work patterns and behaviors for a variety of careers. The goal of the program is for participants to acquire new skills in a workplace environment and increase their education in specific career fields. Experiences may include job shadowing, mentoring or similar ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Veterans Service Program

The Chickasaw Nation Veterans Service Program provides assistance to Chickasaw veterans upon discharge from military service. This program provides outreach services and assists with the acquisition of veterans' benefits and services from Veterans Affairs and other veterans organizations.


Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation programs are designed to assist people with disabilities to enter or return to suitable employment. This program provides services to American Indians with disabilities in a manner that is consistent with each individual consumer’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities and capabiliti...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Voter Registration

The election office conducts all tribal elections, registers eligible Chickasaw citizens as voters and updates voter records. Required forms are available online, at the CDIB office or any area office. ...


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