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2D and 3D Art Classes

2D and 3D Art classes provide opportunities for art classes for children and adults through our programs and services. Classes are scheduled and promoted through the Chickasaw Times, Holisso and Chickasaw Nation Event Calendar.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

A Saturday Arts Program

To provide opportunities for Chickasaw and other students to develop in the arts through specific art projects offered after school and/or Saturdays. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Aafolotaꞌ (Turning Point)

Aafolotaꞌ (Turning Point) is a program funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to provide outpatient substance abuse counseling to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth. ...


Aalhakoffichí (A Place For Healing)

Aalhakoffichi’ “a place for healing,” serves Chickasaw, and other Native American, youth and their families in need of support and recovery services stemming from significant mental health, substance abuse and family relational issues.


Abstinence Education

The Office of Strong Family Development (OSFD) offers abstinence education and training for youth and family members. Abstinence education is offered to adolescents in local junior high and high schools, as well as through numerous youth development groups operating in South central Oklahoma. Abstinence remains the only 100% effective method of birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Chickasaw Nation Residents


The Chickasaw Nation Acting programs offers quality, professional-level instruction in acting for the stage, public speaking, voice and direction, headshot/resume workshops and classes. ...


Adult Learning Program

The adult learning program provides academic assistance to adults within the Chickasaw Nation who have dropped out of high school and want to complete their HSE - High School Equivalency Exam.


Adult Tennis Clinic

The Chickasaw Nation Adult Tennis Clinic is a four-night clinic that offers training for adults. This clinic is available to anyone, regardless of skill level. Participants can learn the basics of tennis or improve on their tennis skills while promoting a healthy lifestyle. ...


After School Arts Program

The Chickasaw Nation Arts & Humanities Division After School Arts Program (ASAP), provides children ages eight to 12 an opportunity to explore and create through a variety of art processes. ...


Agent – Casting Director Seminar/Workshop

Since people have become interested in acting in film projects it is imperative that they become knowledgeable about how to find a reputable agent and what legitimate casting directors can and cannot do, seminars are offered throughout the year that instruct participants on how one finds a reputable agent and what casting directors can and cannot ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Annual Elder Veterans' Trip to Washington, DC

This is a nationwide program created in appreciation for the military service of Chickasaw veterans. The program is available for Chickasaw veterans 60 years of age or older. All applicants are included in a random drawing for an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. ...


Art of the Chickasaw Woman Exhibit

To showcase the art, strength, spirit and creativity of Chickasaw women, the division of arts and humanities hosts the “Art of the Chickasaw Woman” exhibit....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Artesian Arts Festival

The Artesian Arts Festival in downtown Sulphur, Oklahoma, marked the beginning of a celebration of art in 2014. Each subsequent year, the festival, hosted by the Chickasaw Nation, highlights a variety of visual art mediums, including paintings, basketry, jewelry, sculpture, metalworking, bead work, textiles and pottery. The celebration also features live music, food vendors and family fun. ...


ARTesian Gallery & Studios

The ARTesian Gallery & Studios, located across the street from the Artesian Hotel and Spa at 101 West Muskogee in Sulphur, offers nearly 7,400 square feet of space to celebrate and share a variety of art. ...


Artist Directory

The artist directory is a listing of visual, literary, performing, film, video and/or radio artists of Southeastern or Woodland tribal affiliation.  The directory allows immediate notification of programs, events, classes, exhibits, calls to artists, auditions and activities to be sent to any and/or all artists listed in the directory.  Information contained within the directory is used solely by the Chickasaw Nation.  Should an outside entity request information, artists will be contacted for permission before any information is released. A...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Ask a Dietitian

Are you trying to follow a healthy meal plan? Or maybe looking for diet and nutrition advice? Want a partner to help you reach your goals and live the incredible life you were meant to live? ...


Assisted Living Benefit Program

The assisted living benefit program provides up to $2,500 per month for eligible Chickasaw elders, 60 years of age or older, to live in a state licensed assisted-living facility. The benefit is paid directly to the facility and is based on the client’s need. Required application is available the division on aging administration office. A...


Bank2 Closing Cost Vouchers

Bank2, a subsidiary of the Chickasaw Nation, offers Chickasaw citizens who are financing the purchase of a home or refinancing a home through Bank2 a $1,000 voucher toward the closing costs on qualifying home loans. ...


AYA - A Homeland Journey

Coming Soon AYA is an interactive mobile walking app designed to keep you moving by combining physical activity with Chickasaw history and culture. This unique technology allows you to take a walk through history and unlock new cultural and historical content along your fitness journey. Meaning to go or to journey in the Chickasaw language, AYA is a one-...


Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health provides mental health services in partnership with the Chickasaw Nation Department of Health and the Chickasaw Nation Department of Family Services....


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