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Chickasaw Nation Community Centers

The Chickasaw Nation Community Centers are versatile venues for reunions, meetings, celebrations and many other events. Each facility offers practical amenities that meet a variety of needs. ...


Chickasaw Nation Early Childhood Development and Head Start

The Chickasaw Nation Early Childhood Development is a center-based federal and tribally funded program that promotes the school readiness of children from ages three to five years. The Early Childhood Development philosophy is based on the principle that early childhood education should address children’s needs in all areas of development: physical, social, emotional and cognitive. It should provide support and assistance to all those who affect the child’s development. The child’s entire family, as well as the community, must be involved....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation Headquarters Gym

The Chickasaw Nation Headquarters Gym has recently been renovated providing our citizens the opportunity to host basketball games and tournaments. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation Inclement Weather Program

This Inclement Weather Program (IWP) provides child care for Chickasaw students and the children of Chickasaw Nation employees, when the Chickasaw Nation offices are open and schools are closed due to inclement weather. This program provides a safe and stable environment for children while the parent is at work. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation License Plates

Chickasaw Nation license plates are for sale exclusively at state-licensed tag agencies throughout Oklahoma. ...


Chickasaw Nation ReUse Center

The Chickasaw Nation ReUse Center helps keep reusable items out of landfills. Smaller landfills equal less pollution to the environment. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation Softball Complex

The Chickasaw Nation Softball Complex is a state-of-the-art softball facility available to Chickasaw citizens for tournament and exhibition games. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation School of Piano

The Chickasaw Nation Arts & Humanities Division offers piano instruction ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Classes will meet weekly with a recital at the end of each class session. ...


Chickasaw National Capitol

Construction began April 1898 on the Chickasaw National Capitol. A stately structure overlooking the town of Tishomingo, it was built of red granite from the Pennington Creek quarry of Gov. R. M. Harris....


Chickasaw Nation Tribal Health

Resource Assistance The program provides tribal citizens assistance with unmet medical care up to $5,000 annually. This service is designed to assist citizens with medical expenses when all other resources have been exhausted and to serve as a supplement to contract health services that provide necessary medical services for the on-going care from the Chickasaw Nation Department of Health (CNDH) to maximize medical care. Elder ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Princess Program

The princess program involves the selection of tribal royalty who serve as ambassadors for the Chickasaw Nation. Ambassadors of friendship and goodwill best describe the Chickasaw Nation Princesses. Traveling to more than 40 events across several states, these ambassadors bring honor and pride to the Chickasaw Nation. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw School of Guitar (Adult Class)

The School of Guitar is hosted by the division of arts and humanities at 201 North Broadway, in Ada, Okla. The weekly lessons are one-hour. Enrollment is first come, first served, Chickasaw preference. A...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Reading Program

The Chickasaw Reading Program is designed to assist children by providing books to encourage reading. ...


Chickasaw Senior Golf Academy

The Chickasaw Senior Golf Academy is for Chickasaw senior citizens. Participants are taught putting techniques, driver techniques, chip shots, short game and full swings. Regardless of golf knowledge, this academy is designed to improve the participant’s skill set. ...


Chickasaw School of Guitar

Chickasaw School of Guitar is a course that brings music to life for Chickasaws and other youth. Students will be provided with instruction and the opportunity to perform upon successful completion of learning skills. Students will potentially receive a guitar after completing the course for continued growth and life enhancement through music. Beginning and intermediate classes are offered.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Stickball

Chickasaw Stickball provides an opportunity for cultural enrichment. Stickball promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, while revitalizing the game throughout the Chickasaw Nation. Chickasaw Stickball is made up of two teams Chikasha Bak Bak and Chikasha Toli. Bak Bak is the youth stickball team, consisting of players ages 8-17. Toli is the adult team, but 14- to 17-year-olds can play on Toli with parental consent. An application and waiver are required for all team members. Stickba...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Theater Company

The Chickasaw Theater Company is a group of trained and amateur actors, directors, playwrights, costumers, set designers and other volunteers who perform in theatrical presentations, radio, television and film. A...

Chickasaw Nation residents

Chickasaw Veterans Lapel Pin

A lapel pin is available for veterans replicating the Morale patch distributed to active duty Chickasaw servicemen and women.  The pin is worn as a symbol of your loyalty and dedication to the protection of this country and the Chickasaw peop...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Veterans Jacket Program

The Chickasaw Veterans Jacket Program is a nationwide program that honors eligible Chickasaws by offering a Chickasaw Nation Veterans Jacket in appreciation of their military service. Applicants must be a first-time recipient of the jacket. The required form is available at any Chickasaw Nation senior center, veterans services office or by email at


Chickasaw White House

Once considered a mansion on the frontier, it was home to Chickasaw Governor Douglas Henry Johnston and his family from 1898 to 1971. The Chickasaw White House, located on the north edge of Emet, Oklahoma, was necessarily the scene of many important social and political events. Oklaho...


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