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Chickasaw Community Outreach Program

The Chickasaw Community Outreach program assists Chickasaw community groups in areas across the United States. Chickasaws living in close proximity of each other have opportunities to gather as groups for fellowship and educational opportunities within the areas they reside.


Chickasaw Council House Museum

Located on the Capitol Square in Tishomingo, OK, the Chickasaw Council House Museum holds one of the largest collections of Chickasaw art, artifacts and archive materials. Experience the first Chickasaw Council House built in Indian Territory, artifacts tracing the history and culture of the Chickasaw people and contemporary Chickasaw artwork. Explore our great Chickasaw history and culture at the museum and learn more about the Chickasaw people who helped shape our Nation. T...


Chickasaw Cultural Enrichment Family Camp

The camp is designed to promote the use of the Chickasaw language, culture and history within Chickasaw families.  Camp activities include tours throughout the Chickasaw Nation, swimming, sports, storytelling and various other games and activities with primary instruction given in the Chickasaw language.

For more information, call Teresa Workman at (580) 272-5318.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Dance Troupe

The Chickasaw Nation Dance Troupe was formed in 1992 to educate, preserve and restore Chickasaw dance traditions. By keeping this tradition alive, the dance troupe is able to share the ancient arts of shell shaking, stomp dancing and songs with people from around the world. In this respect, the dance troupe serves as a goodwill ambassador for the tribe. The Chickasaw Nation Dance Troupe has performed at universities, festivals and ceremonial gatherings across the United States. A...


Chickasaw Humanities Youth Workshop

The Chickasaw Humanities Youth Workshop is a multifaceted, three-day course offered during the summer for Chickasaw youth ages 9-13. The workshop includes classroom lectures, interactive cultural activities, demonstrations and field trips to the Chickasaw Cultural Center and Chickasaw historical sites. This workshop bridges a cultural education gap for Chickasaw youth by providing a greater understanding of their culture through experience.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Elders Conference

The 2017 Chickasaw Elders Conference is June 12-13, at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

To register, please click Register.

The annual Chickasaw Elders Conference aims to share knowledge, resources and updates for Chickasaw elders. More than 250 elders attend the two-day event to reconnect with friends, meet new ones and learn more about the Chickasaw Nation. Attendees are given an opportunity to learn more Chickasaw Nation programs and services.


Chickasaw Employment Program

This program provides employment opportunities on a temporary basis for eligible Chickasaw citizens between the ages of 22-59. Designed to help Chickasaw citizens enter the workforce, this program is meant as a stepping stone for future full-time employment within the Chickasaw Nation or communities within its boundaries. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Explorers Program

The Chickasaw Explorers Program focuses on educating and training young Chickasaw leaders to identify and record ancient artifacts, participate in archaeological survey and excavations and search for the site of 1541 Chicasa in Mississippi. Chickasaw students work alongside  archaeologists, educators and students from various universities in two-weeks of archaeological fieldwork. ...


Chickasaw Historical Society

The Chickasaw Historical Society was established by tribal law on April 15, 1994. Since that time the historical society and society members have worked towards the mission statement of promoting, preserving and protecting Chickasaw culture and family traditions. The Chickasaw community is of great importance to the historical society board of directors. The ...

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Chickasaw Honor Club

Chickasaw Honor Club is a program that provides added incentives for motivated and academically successful students. The Chickasaw Honor Club recognizes participants in three areas: Grade Incentive, Perfect Attendance and Outstanding Achievement.

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Chickasaw Honor Guard

The Chickasaw Honor Guard conducts military honors at funerals and memorial services. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Humanities and Literary Arts

Chickasaw Clemente Humanities Studies Courses “Chikashsha Imanapah” courses are offered at East Central University in Ada and Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant with three hours of college credit awarded upon successful completion of each course.Studen...


Chickasaw Language Flashcards

Chickasaw language flashcards are a teaching tool to help children become familiar with the Chickasaw language. Each flashcard in the set has a picture and the corresponding Chickasaw word. A flashcard set will be mailed one time to each child.


Chickasaw Landscaping Products-Chickasaw Farms

This program provides a landscaping package which includes a set number of trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers and sod for Chickasaw homeowners. Chickasaw homeowners are eligible for an initial landscaping package that includes three trees, six shrubs, three ornamental grasses and 12 flowers. Every other year, Chickasaw homeowners qualify for a supplemental package of one tree, two shrubs, two ornamental grasses and six flowers. Chickas...


Chickasaw Language Revitalization Program

The Chickasaw language revitalization program began in 2007 and the department of Chickasaw language was founded in 2009. Chickasaws believe that the language was given to them by Chihoowa or Abaꞌ Binniꞌliꞌ (God), and that it is an obligation to care for it: to learn it, speak it and teach it to children. The Chickasaw language is viewed as a gift from the ancestors for all Chickasaw people. The job of the Chickasaw language revitalization program is to help people access that gift. Programs ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Youth Academy

The Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Youth Academy provides an excellent opportunity for Native American youth to explore a career in law enforcement. Academy students will hear presentations from law enforcement personnel who understand the daily challenges faced within the tribal law enforcement community; and learn life skills such as: teamwork, communication, safety and crime prevention....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Living History Players

Living History Players – The Chickasaw Living History Players theatre group was created in 1998.  Actors create interesting, informative and entertaining productions based on the original plays and vignettes which offer insight into the Chickasaw Nation’s rich culture and history.   Through the efforts of these actors the people of Oklahoma and the nation are educated about the Chickasaw people. A...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Living History Plays, Stories, and Vignettes

Living History Play/Stories/Vignettes – New original plays, stories and vignettes based on Chickasaw history, court cases and family stories which are for audiences of all ages are being sought.  They can be short, two to 20 pages or long, 20 plus pages.

These plays, stories and vignettes are presented by the Living History Players.  They have been presented at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, Annual Meetings, in the black box theatre of the arts and humanities division and other venues.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation Anolí Creative Writing Contest

Anoli is an annual creative writing contest for Chickasaw student writers in grades six through 12 and young adults through age 24. All works submitted must be original and are evaluated by a panel of judges based on artistic form, creativity, how well the work relates to the topic and literary expression within each age division. Winners receive cash prizes and medals.  There are three divisions. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation Annual Meeting & Festival

The 2017 Chickasaw Nation Annual Meeting and Festival will begin Friday, September 29th, and culminate with Governor Bill Anoatubby's State of the Nation Address, along with a variety of activities and demonstrations at the Chickasaw National Capitol in Tishomingo Saturday, October 7th. Attendees will enjoy a...


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