Chikasha Academy Adult Immersion Program (CAAIP)

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Through immersive approach, participants receive an in-depth Chickasaw language learning experience.

Virtual Cohort

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Culture and Humanities is accepting applications for the Chikasha Academy Adult Immersion Virtual Program (CAAIVP).

Participants in the CAAIVP will commit to a yearlong program, 10 hours per week (Mon.-Fri., 2-4 p.m. CT) and receive compensation while learning the Chickasaw language. The program begins June 2023.

Spots are very limited, and selection begins immediately. Please submit application by May 26, 2023.

See contact information, program details or locations.


  • Be a Chickasaw citizen.
  • Must have a strong desire to learn the Chickasaw language.
  • Be mentally and physically prepared for an intense immersion setting.
  • Be able to commit to the program’s requirements, lengths, and pledge.
You Provide
  • Chickasaw citizenship card
  • Program Application
For information regarding application process, contact us.


(580) 272-5318
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1548, Ada, Oklahoma 74821


No upcoming events.

Program Details

This language program is dedicated to creating new Chickasaw language teachers through structured immersion approaches. CAAIP is an adult Chickasaw language immersion program for novice learners who are paired with master-level fluent Chickasaw speakers and proficient second language speakers of Chickasaw.