Wild Onions and Scrambled Eggs

Wild onions have an important social aspect among many First American people in Oklahoma. In the early spring, many First American churches, stomp grounds, clubs and other groups host wild onion dinners. Families and friends often make an outing of gathering wild onions and/or eating them together. Today, freshly-picked wild onions are often frozen and kept for months so they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Wild Onions and Scrambled Eggs Recipe

1 cup wild onions, cleaned and chopped
1 cup water
6 eggs - scrambled
¼ cup bacon drippings

Cut up enough wild onions to fill a 6 to 10 inch skillet. Place water and onions in a pot. Cover boil until onions are tender. Put cooked onions and bacon drippings in a skillet and heat. Put eggs on top. Stir well until eggs are scrambled. Serve hot.