Employment Information

Part-Time and Full-Time Information

A regular full-time employee is routinely scheduled to work 40 hours per week and is eligible to participate in our full benefit programs as outlined in the benefit plan documents.

A regular part-time employee is routinely scheduled to work up to 38 hours per week and will be eligible for a limited benefits package as defined in the benefit plan documents, after the employee has completed the new-hire orientation period. Part-time employees working 29 hours or less per week are not eligible for medical coverage. However, all part-time employees are eligible for birthday leave per department procedures.

A temporary employee may work up to 90 days and is not eligible for any of the Chickasaw Nation’s employee benefits. If an employee will be needed for more than 60 days, the human resources representative must be contacted to discuss the anticipated end date.

Career Development Opportunities Overview

The Chickasaw Nation employs unique and innovative programs to enhance its employee’s professional growth within the tribe.

The Chickasaw Leadership Academy offers tribal employees opportunities to develop functional management skills. The leadership academy’s four levels of training (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) each focus on various aspects of management, including planning, communicating, motivating and evaluating.

These opportunities develop a strong relationship between the Chickasaw Nation and its employees, creating more familiarization, understanding and loyalty between the two.

IDP Overview

We offer the opportunity for Chickasaw Nation employees to participate in the tribe’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) program. The IDP program promotes, recognizes and rewards individual achievement by employee growth and development.

The program aims to motivate and challenge employees with objective-based measures that are tied to a monetary incentive reward structure.