Making Healthy Connections during Mental Health Awareness Month

Date: May 08, 2024

May is Mental Health Awareness or Chikasha Anokfilli (“Thinking Chickasaw”) Month throughout the Chickasaw Nation. This month, we focus on making healthy connections with others to build a mental wellness foundation that lasts a lifetime. 

Healthy connections can be made as early as infancy. According to, activities such as singing, playing, reading, cuddling, feeding and even making eye contact with a baby help them develop a sense of security and contribute to positive social and emotional development. When caregivers interact with babies in nurturing ways, they are preparing the child to form healthy, supportive relationships as they grow older.  

Keeping a child connected with a pediatrician or health care provider can also impact their mental wellness. The Chickasaw Nation offers several programs that encourage healthy connections from infancy through adulthood, like medical family therapy, Chokma Pilachi, HealthySteps, Hofanti Chokma and more. 

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