Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative

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Services provide mental health care access, education and treatment for children and teens.

The Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative (CNPC) connects parents and health care providers with experts in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), mental health and developmental pediatrics. The CNPC will work with your treatment team throughout assessment and treatment to support your child’s needs.

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Program Details

For Parents:

How We Help

We focus on collaboration and serving the entire family. Our network of specialists works with you and your child’s health care providers to create individualized plans and goals to meet your needs.

Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other mental health concerns can be difficult because there is no lab test to confirm it. A doctor must complete an assessment by evaluating your child’s development and behavior to make a diagnosis.

Developmental delays can become concerning as early as 16 months, but older children and teens can also be diagnosed. Begin the process as soon as you have concerns about your child’s development. Studies have shown the earlier a treatment program begins, the better results for the child in the long term.

What to Expect

Your pediatrician will compare your child’s progress to age-based milestones, observing independence along with communication, social, emotional and physical development. This may include observing your child during a structured test or play and questionnaires to be completed by you and other caregivers. If these observations raise concerns, your pediatrician will consult with experts on our multi-disciplinary team of pediatric mental health specialists to recommend next steps and develop a treatment plan that works for your child and your family.

Our team will provide you with education, resources and support throughout this journey.

For Providers:

The Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative is improving youth mental health service access in rural Oklahoma for First American children.

This project establishes a network connecting regional health care providers with therapists and specialists across the country, enabling pediatric primary care to integrate behavioral health. Providers can collaborate through our telehealth access programs for individual case consultation, training and educational opportunities, with a strong focus on autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and treatment.

With improved access to knowledge and integration of culturally resonant treatment approaches, the Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative is helping pediatric practice teams provide effective, critically needed mental health treatment. Pediatric mental health care teams provide teleconsultation, training and care coordination support for pediatric primary care providers to diagnose, treat and refer children with behavioral health conditions.

Join Our Collaborative

Chickasaw Nation Department of Health providers in pediatrics, residency and medical family therapy participate in this network.

Outpatient and residential therapists and other projects serving children and adolescents can access resources for education and training. Individual and group incentives are available for joining the Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative.

Other Information

The Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative was established by the Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Mental Health Care Access (PMHCA) grant in 2021, one of only two tribal awards. This grant is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) and is supplemented by an annual funding match from the Chickasaw Nation.

The Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative is dedicated to improving behavioral health and mental health care access to rural First American youth, especially for autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and treatment. By establishing nationwide networks of experts in these fields, the program can connect local pediatric primary care providers and therapists with specialists for individual case consultation, training and education opportunities.

The program emphasizes collaboration between behavioral health specialists, pediatric primary care providers and the family. These groups work together to create individualized plans and goals for the child, based on empirically supported research, while serving the needs of the entire family.


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