AYA - Your Fitness Journey

Chickasaw Nation Residents, Chickasaws At‑large

AYA is an interactive mobile fitness app designed to increase physical activity by combining walking with Chickasaw history and culture.

AYA is available for free download on Google Play or Apple Store.

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  • There are no eligibility requirements for the AYA walking app.
  • The app is open to all.
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Program Details

AYA is an interactive mobile walking app designed to keep you moving by combining physical activity with Chickasaw history and culture. This unique technology allows you to take a walk through history and unlock new cultural and historical content along your fitness journey.

Meaning "to go" or "to journey" in the Chickasaw language, AYA is a one-of-a-kind technology that allows users to unlock improved health and cultural understanding.

  • Features innovative step-tracking technology that syncs with Fitbit, HealthKit and Google Fit.
  • Available for download on iPhone and Android phones through the App Store and Google Play.
  • Walk to unlock new cultural and historical content, including character episodes, traditional prayers, locations of cultural interest and Chickasaw words.
  • Select a walking partner from Chickasaw characters living at important periods in Chickasaw history.