Hofanti Chokma

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Hofanti Chokma workshops offer easy, fun and evidence-based strategies for guiding behaviors of children and teens. These methods contribute to more positive parent/child relationships in the present, and help children learn, grow and manage their own behaviors for future success. Classes are available online at no cost.

Workshops are available to the public.

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  • Parents and caregivers
  • First American and non-First American
  • Public participation welcomed
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  • No application is required
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Program Details

Hofanti Chokma (“to grow well”) collaborates with child-serving programs, communities and families to help children thrive through a number of activities including workshops, parenting groups and more.

Techniques learned in PAX Tools workshops offer easy, fun and evidence-based strategies for teaching behavior to children in ways that contribute to more positive relationships now, and lead to improved functioning in adulthood.

A valuable method of encouraging better behavior, the PAX Good Behavior Game uses the same evidence-based, trauma-informed strategies in schools for teaching self-regulation skills and prosocial behaviors to students. Hofanti Chokma supports training for the PAX Good Behavior Game and uses this program to help meet social-emotional learning objectives in classrooms.

A new series of classes offers NEAR (neurobiology, epigenetics, ACEs study and resilience) science training to help parents support children and create environments where the whole family can thrive.

NEAR uses scientific concepts to reverse the impact of adverse experience. Neurobiology helps us understand how our brain develops based on our experiences. Epigenetics is collective trauma that can be passed down from one generation to the next. The ACEs study is research that linked early childhood adversity to adult health. Finally, the knowledge about resilience lets us know what can reverse, prevent and heal adverse experiences.

This training explores how life experiences impact our biological nervous system. The course teaches that there are strategies and tools everyone can use to help create safe environments, healthy attachments and strengthened social skills so individuals, families and communities can meet their full potential.

All parents, family members, volunteers or staff who work with children are encouraged to attend one of these engaging workshops.

Developmental resources for early childhood are available upon request.

To register and receive a link to stream the workshop, email HofantiChokma@Chickasaw.net.