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The Chickasaw Nation Career Technology Program (CTP) is available to part-time and full-time Chickasaw students attending a state or nationally-accredited career technology center, trade school or private licensed training facility, whereby graduating students receive a professional certification or license upon completion of their program. Eligibility is not income-based and applicants are not required to live within the boundaries of the Chickasaw Nation to qualify for this program.

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You Provide
  • Completed application form
  • Invoice or billing statement from the training facility with all program costs itemized. The student’s federal and/or state financial aid award will be taken into consideration when processing the CTP grant award amount.
  • High school transcript, high school equivalency or college transcript; eligibility is not dependent on completion or grade point average.
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Program Details

Career Technology Program (CTP) Grant: The CTP grant may be awarded to part-time and full-time Chickasaw students attending a state or nationally accredited career technology center, trade school or private licensed training facility are eligible. The amount of the CTP grant shall be based on the student’s programs tuition and fee costs with $6,000 being the maximum award amount per certification.

Exam and Licensure Assistance Grant: The exam and licensure assistance grant provides up to $500 per exam or licensure fee. Awards may be dispersed as reimbursement or on a prepayment basis (if applicable to payee). Application must be made within six months of the student's receipt of payment.

Textbook and Supplies Assistance Grant: The textbook and supplies assistance grant provides financial assistance up to $500 for required textbooks and supplies as determined by the student's program. The grant is available once per certification. Part-time and high school students may qualify for $250. Full-time students may qualify for $500. Awards may be disbursed as reimbursement or on a prepayment basis (if applicable to payee). Application must be submitted before the course completion date.

Graduation Cord Program: The graduation cord program provides full-time Chickasaw students with a graduation cord to wear during graduation ceremonies. Eligibility is limited to one award per Chickasaw student per certification. This application must be made within six months of the Chickasaw student’s completion date.

Certification Completion Incentive: Eligibility is limited to one completion incentive per certification. Chickasaw students must provide a final transcript, diploma or licensure showing certification has been awarded within six months after the course completion date.

Certification completion incentive awards are based strictly on training clock hours and will be awarded as follows:

  • 99 hours or less - $50
  • 100 hours - 250 hours $100
  • 251 hours - 500 hours $200
  • 501 hours - 750 hours $300
  • 751 hours or more - $400

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