Homeland Affairs

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Homeland Affairs is dedicated to preserving and sharing Chickasaw history and culture in our historic Homeland through traditional crafts, storytelling, games, demonstrations and other presentations.

Demonstrations are available to the public.

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Program Details

Chickasaw Nation Homeland Affairs is dedicated to preserving and sharing Chickasaw history and culture in our historic Homeland.

Chickasaw history and culture programs are offered to local schools, clubs, organizations and for special events.

Other Information

Historical and Cultural Programs
Our Homeland affairs staff will share our migration story and discuss settlement areas, social organization, the traditional roles of men and women, European contact and the uses and cultural significance of many traditional items and European trade items.

Programs Include:

  • Introductions to Chickasaw history and culture
  • Living history
  • Educational learning stations
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Cultural demonstrations including basket weaving, finger weaving, pinch pots and traditional games.

Presentations on specific topics in Chickasaw history may be developed upon request.

Cultural Crafts Instruction and Demonstrations
Through the cultural craft instruction and demonstration program, we share the history and provide instruction on how to make traditional crafts including basket weaving, corn husk dolls, pinch pots, beadwork and finger weaving.

Traditional Games
This program includes demonstration and group participation in a number of traditional games including chunkey and stickball.

Cooking Demonstrations
Our team offers demonstrations and presentations using ingredients that provided nourishment to our ancestors, including corn, beans, squash, meats, wild berries and nuts. Combining several of these together creates traditional dishes we still prepare including pashofa and grape dumplings.


Homeland Affairs

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