Chickasaw Nation School of Music: Choral Studio

Chickasaw Nation Residents

The Chickasaw Nation School of Music’s choral studio offer two youth choir opportunities for artistic and cultural expression through vocal music training and performances.

The Chickasaw Nation Children’s Choir includes a vocal training program for children 9-12. The Chickasaw Nation Youth Choir includes more advanced vocal training for teens 13-17. Students in both choirs will learn the fundamentals of musicality through the study and performance of a classical, modern, and cultural vocal repertoire. Additionally, participants will study performance skills. Classes will meet from September-May.

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  • Ages 9-17
  • Chickasaw citizens and dependents
  • Chickasaw Nation employees and dependents
  • First American tribal citizens and dependents
  • Enrollment is given Chickasaw preference
You Provide
  • Completed application with required documentation
  • Copy of citizenship card (if applicable)
For information regarding application process, contact us.
Required Forms and Documents


(580) 272-5520
(580) 272-5525
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1548, Ada, Oklahoma 74821


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Program Details

Other Information

Employee Choir

Since music is part of the foundation of the Chickasaw lifestyle and because there are employees within the Chickasaw Nation who love to sing, especially in a choir setting, the arts and humanities division has established an employee choir.

The children’s choir director with the arts and humanities division also directs this adult choir.

Rehearsals are one evening a week in the gallery of the arts and humanities building in Ada.

Rehearsals are approximately 60 minutes in length.

Music learned is a combination of classical, Broadway, hymns, Choctaw hymns and original Chickasaw songs.

Those singers interested in joining may be asked to audition in order to determine vocal range. Audition may consist of singing scales or a well-known song such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Once singers commit to the choir, they are expected to attend all required rehearsals and scheduled performances.

Concerts are held twice a year, but the choir may sing at various special events throughout the year.

From the main choir, at the discretion of the choir director and dependent upon experience and talent, ensembles and small groups may possibly emerge.

Also, there may be special opportunities for singers who are unable to commit the time needed to be a full-time member of the choir to join.


Arts & Humanities (Abney)

Ada, Oklahoma 74820