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Batterer Intervention Services

O.T.A.P (Own violence, Take responsibility, Act respectfully Program) is a 52-week domestic violence education program providing a cognitive behavioral approach with an emphasis on culture, history and Native American traditions.

The Duluth Model curriculum will be utilized to reduce violence in the home.

Completion of this court-ordered program will enhance individual skills, knowledge and ability to change and offer alternative behaviors for dealing with conflict.

Certificate is provided upon completion.

For assistance Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., contact violence prevention services.


  • Chickasaw citizens, members of a federally recognized tribe (CDIB required)
  • Court ordered (as a result of violent behavior)

Other Information

Zero Suicide is a commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavioral health systems. It is both a concept and a practice being implemented by the Chickasaw Nation.

Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

This service is available inside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries

Contact Information

(580) 272-5580

(580) 272-5554


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Violence Prevention Services
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