Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi

Chickasaw Nation Residents, Chickasaws At‑large
Application Available

This 10-month leadership program offers Chickasaw youth leadership, business and cultural development courses, a variety of community service opportunities and hands-on experience in leadership environments.

Applicants must be a Chickasaw citizen, 14-18 years of age and meet academic eligibility requirements.

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  • Chickasaw citizen
  • Ages 14-18 (must be of age 14 by Nov. 1)
  • Must have at least a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale


(580) 310-6620
(580) 436-7288
Mailing Address:
231 Seabrook Rd, Ada, Oklahoma 74820


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Program Details

The Chickasaw Nation Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi “Creating Chickasaw Leaders” is a youth leadership program providing members the opportunity to obtain leadership and cultural knowledge through a 10-month, age appropriate program, offering leadership, business and cultural development courses, and a variety of community service opportunities.

Members refine their knowledge of Chickasaw culture, learn about other Native American cultures, develop life, social and financial skills, perform duties focused on servant leadership and prepare for higher education to help them grow and become resourceful, impactful young adults.

CPI members interact with prestigious tribal, state and community leaders, gain hands-on experience in a variety of leadership environments and learn skills to serve as ambassadors in their communities.


Youth & Family Building

Ada, Oklahoma 74820