Aaholiitobli' Honor Garden

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Physical Address

867 Cooper Memorial Drive
Sulphur, Oklahoma 73086
Murray County

Phone Number

Main Line: (580) 622-7130

Additional Info

The Chickasaw Nation Honor Garden is a beautiful and serene monument dedicated to individuals inducted into the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame. Its peaceful setting invites visitors to reflect and view the etched granite plaques commemorating each inductee.

Located on the Chickasaw Cultural Center campus in Sulphur, Oklahoma, the Chickasaw Nation Honor Garden is crafted from natural elements including rock, granite and copper. The architecture is an original design inspired by the four directions and incorporating spiral symbols indicative of traditional Chickasaw culture.

The Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame is an award presented annually to a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation whose contribution(s) to the nation have been of great importance.

Inductees whom have distinguished themselves in their business, profession, craft or vocation, there by bringing honor to the Chickasaw Nation, and/or have made outstanding contributions to the Chickasaw Nation or society in general. Inductees must be an enrolled citizen of the Chickasaw Nation.

For more information on the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame, please visit www.chickasaw.net/hof.