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Medical News

We are committed to providing the latest and most up-to-date medical news and updates. Here you can view video interviews with Chickasaw Nation doctors, nurses and health employees on the continued efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Updates

Booster: Dr. Krueger
Booster: Dr. Molina
Booster: Dr. Molina (long)
Boosters, More Groups: Dr. Molina
Boosters, When: Dr. Molina
Boosters, Why: Dr. Molina
Children Health: Dr. Molina
Community Health Reps
Delta Variant: Dr. Krueger Aug 21
Delta Variant: Dr. Krueger
Delta Variant: Dr. Molina
Employee Health: Dr. Krueger
Employee Health: Dr. Molina
Fall Surge: Dr. Krueger
Fall Surge: Dr. Molina
Flu Season: Dr. Molina (2021)
Flu/COVID Vaccine: Dr. Molina
Full Approval Pfizer: Dr. Krueger
Intensive Care: Dr Krueger
Omicron Variant: Dr. Krueger
Pfizer Teen Vaccine: Dr. Grim
National Hospital Week: May2021_Public
COVID-19 Update: May 4, 2021
Urgent Care Battle: Dr. Krueger
Urgent Care: Dr. Krueger
Vaccine Childhood: Dr. Krueger
Vaccine Update: Katie Travis Victoria
Vaccine Supply: Katie Travis Victoria
Vaccine Immune System: Katie Travis Victoria
COVID-19 Update: Katie Travis Victoria
Vaccine Immune System: Dr. Krueger
COVID-19 Update: Dr. Krueger
COVID-19 Update: November: Dr. Krueger
COVID-19 Update: November 12, 2020
COVID-19 Update: November 19, 2020
COVID-19 Update: December 4, 2020
COVID-19 Update: Dr. Burden-Greer
Help Healthcare Heroes: Dr. Charles Grim
Healthcare Heroes: Dr. Charles Grim
January Surge: Dr. Charles Grim
Panel Discussion: Adolescent Mental Health
COVID-19 Vaccine: Travis Freeze
COVID-19 Vaccine: Rhonda Brown
Pediatric Drive-Thru: Dr. Tangra Broge
Flu Vaccinations
COVID-19 Update: Pediatric Cases
COVID-19 Update: Test Kits
COVID-19 Update: Vaccine
COVID-19 Update: 2020 Holiday Season
COVID-19 Fall/Winter Surge: Dr. Grim
COVID-19 Fall/Winter Surge: Dr. Krueger
Infection and Immunity: Dr. Krueger
Pharmacy Expansion: Travis Freeze
COVID-19 Update, April: Dr. Grim
Testing: Dr. Kevin Maddox
July Surge: Dr. Krueger
What is Delta: Dr. Krueger
Why Vaccinate: Dr. Krueger

COVID-19 Safety Tips

COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Beth Mittelstet
COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Stephanie Schofield
COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Tangra Broge
Ethylene Oxide: Dr. Krueger
Health and Wellness: Teenagers
COVID-19 & Kids
Making Cloth Face Masks
Deliveries, Banking and Fueling
Doctor's Visit
Vaccine Q&A: Dr. Krueger
Vaccine Q&A: Katie Travis Victoria

COVID-19 Survivor Stories

Survivor: Dr. Burden-Greer
Survivor: Dr. (Joseph) Grant Lashley
Survivor: Dr. Kent Denson
Survivor: Kinsha Walker