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Press Release

Release Date: February 23, 2022
by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

White Dog Press titles are now available to educators and students on the Renaissance Accelerated Reader independent reading website. Accelerated Reader helps to inspire independent reading from students for lifelong reading success.

“Accelerated Reader motivates students in the classroom or library to choose our Chickasaw Press books,” said Wiley Barnes, director of Chickasaw Press. “It gives the student credit toward their Accelerated Reader goals for the year. We eventually want to have all of our grade level appropriate titles on the Accelerated Reader website and for quizzes to be made available to students and teachers.”

White Dog Press titles with Accelerated Reader quizzes include: “Little Loksi” by Trey Hays and Eli Corbin, “88 Straight” by Stanley Nelson, “Chula the Fox” by Anthony Perry, “Little Bird” by Mary Ruth Barnes, and “Funny Fani’” by Wiley Barnes and Joshua D. Hinson.

“Renaissance Accelerated Reader has been really good to work with,” Barnes said. “They are excited to have our content. They have partnered with us, and it is really exciting to have these quizzes available. They do their own leveling, both for reading level and for content. ‘Mission to Space’ by John Herrington and other titles will be on the Accelerated Reader website in the coming weeks.”

White Dog Press titles and quizzes at varying interest levels are available for all ages, with more to come. For more information on White Dog Press and Chickasaw literature, visit, call (580) 436- 7282 or email

Renaissance commitment to education

According to its website, the Renaissance mission has remained the same since 1986: To accelerate learning for all children and adults of all ability levels, and ethnic and social backgrounds, worldwide. Today, more than 40% of U.S. schools rely on Renaissance solutions for data and insights to equitably move learning forward. “Accelerated Reader is a great tool for schools to encourage independent reading. We are proud that students can now get their Accelerated Reader points by reading about Chickasaw history and culture,” Barnes said.

About the Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press

The Chickasaw Press was created in response to the basic need of the Chickasaws to own their history. Established as an entity of the Chickasaw Nation in 2006, the Chickasaw Press is the first tribal publishing entity of its kind. Chickasaw Press publications enable the tribe to share its rich history and culture with everyone and educate Chickasaw tribal citizens, enhancing relationships within the greater community.

White Dog Press is a secondary imprint under the Chickasaw Press. It allows the Chickasaw Press to build upon its vision of “preserving, perpetuating and providing an awareness of Chickasaw history and culture” by embracing popular genres and creative projects that do not fit under the umbrella of research and scholarship.

White Dog Press creates an opportunity for the Chickasaw Nation to further share the history, culture and experiences of the Chickasaw people through literary categories such as historical fiction, children’s books, young adult literature, how-to books, travel writing and other categories.