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Press Release

Release Date: January 25, 2007
Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

President George W. Bush has ordered a directive that public transportation is made more accessible to improve mobility, employment opportunities and access to community services for transportation disadvantaged people such as the elderly, disabled and persons with low-incomes.

There will be a meeting for Oklahoma’s “United We Ride” campaign on Feb. 21 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Chickasaw Nation Youth and Family Teleconference Center. The center is located at 231 Seabrook in Ada, Okla. This is the last of a series of regional meetings about applying the President’s directive to Oklahoma.

Transportation affects nearly everyone and the state needs you. City, county and tribal leaders, as well as directors of transportation services, employment services and human services are all invited to attend. Also welcome are the elderly, disabled, people with low-income or without a mode of transportation as well as the general public.

Pres. Bush said a strong America depends on citizens who are productive and active participants in their communities and the Chickasaw Nation and Southeastern Oklahoma are committed to enhancing public transportation for a strong America.

The meeting will be a brainstorm of ideas on how to simplify access, reduce duplicated routes and reduce cost.

“The goal is to bring together everyone so that transportation can be more efficient, effective resulting in less cost, less fuel emission and more saving and conserving,” said Angie Gilliam, Chickasaw Nation Transportation Director.

However, the focus is on the transportation needs and access of the citizens, Gilliam said.

Meeting coordinators said that they hope that collaboration between agencies will result in easier, more available public transportation for Oklahoma.