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Press Release

Release Date: August 08, 2018

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • Patsy Lane’s sculpture “No Room At The Top” depicting a scene of three black bear cubs and the yearning to be where the one on top is.

  • “On To Greener Pastures” shows award-winning sculptor Patsy Lane’s love for telling stories through animals.

ADA, Okla. – Spend a few minutes talking to award-winning artist Patsy Lane and all recollection of time will disappear. Stories flow from her, each one wrapping into her journey as a sculptor and what’s at the heart of it all– telling a story through her art.

With a contagious laugh and a smile in her voice, Lane, a Konawa resident, happily recalls her humble beginning as a sculptor. It all started with bronze sculptor Mehl Lawson who later became her mentor.

“The reason why I was so smitten with Mehl was because he had no formal training as a sculptor,” Lane said. She herself had no formal training in sculpting and was impressed by Lawson’s bronze pieces. “I would always look at the bronze work and think, ‘if I knew what kind of materials to get I could do that. I know I could do that.’”

As people say, it was history from there. Lane approached Lawson and the mentorship formed. And so started Lane’s giant leap into the world of bronze sculpting.

“I cast my first piece as a direct result of that and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”

Looking at her intricately created sculptures, it’s impossible to tell Lane has no formal training.

“I don’t want to do anything that is static.”

Lane’s sculptures are constantly in motion, usually depicting scenes with animals on a journey of some kind.

“They have to have a story. There’s no question about that. They have to have been somewhere or are going somewhere.”

Her sculpture “On To Greener Pastures” tells the story of three elk cows with two babies crossing a creek. One of the baby’s ears are laid back, unsure of what to think about its first crossing. The other baby is especially hesitant to get in the water.

A love of the outdoors and its inhabitants has always been a part of Lane and is reflected in her sculptures.

“No Room At The Top” depicts a scene of three black bear cubs. Lane crafted the piece so one of the cubs is at the top and the other two wish they were there.

Lane is a member of the Oklahoma Sculpture Society and Holdenville Society of Painters and Sculptors. Through her career as a bronze sculptor, Lane has apprenticed and enjoyed the company of fellow talented sculptors.

“I do not proclaim to be a teacher in any way, shape or form but I’ll share everything I’ve learned from everyone and what I know,” Lane said.

Her story is a guiding light for others who have a passion inside them but no “formal” training– chase after whatever you’re most passionate about and let nothing hold you back. Lane is a testimony of how following an inkling of a dream can lead to indescribable joy.


An opportunity to create sculpture pieces alongside Lane will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 15, through Friday, Aug. 17, at the Sculpting for Bronze class at the Arts and Humanities Building, 201 N. Broadway Ave.

Students will learn new and exciting methods on how to sculpt clay to prepare for bronze casting.

“I think the participants will have a great deal of fun and find out it’s not nearly as difficult as what they think,” Lane said of the upcoming class.

She specifically wants participants to learn to look at things with a sharper, more observant eye. An example of this, provided by Lane, would be making a sculpture of a cotton tailed rabbit.

“You think you know so much,” she said with a laugh. “The rabbit has a little round head, cute nose and long ears—you’d be amazed at how many muscles they’ve got in their cheeks and around their nose. You have to learn to look and see these things.”

Classes are open to the public. Participants must be 16 years and older to attend. Tuition cost is $150 with a $75 non-refundable deposit due upon enrollment. All materials are covered with the cost of tuition.

Lane wants her students to have creative freedom when it comes to creating their own bronze sculpture pieces.

“Everybody can do what they want to do,” she said. “We’re not all going to be forced into doing the same thing.”

To enroll, or for more information, contact 580-272-5520. To learn more about Patsy Lane or see her sculptures, visit

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