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Press Release

Release Date: March 22, 2017

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • Nutrient-rich foods like the products pictured are available to children attending public school within the Chickasaw Nation and parts of the Choctaw Nation. If a student receives discounted or free school meals they are also eligible for summer time meal assistance through Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services.

Families with children who receive free or reduced school meals are eligible for free food this summer through a program offered by the Chickasaw Nation.

Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services is now accepting applications for the summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) for children program, which aims to enhance children’s nutrition by compensating for the lack of school meals during the summer months.

Qualifying families will receive approximately $30 of food per child, per month for the three summer months.

This federally-funded program is open to the public and is in its fifth year of operation. Last year, the program served over 23,000 students.

Program officials said only half of all eligible families tend to apply, though funding is planned to cover everyone who is eligible. This program does not overlap with any other program in the area and will not disqualify a family from any other benefit.

To qualify for this program, a child must be enrolled in a participating school district in grades Pre-K–12 and receive free or reduced meals at school. Qualifying school districts are within the Chickasaw Nation and parts of the Choctaw Nation.

Once approved, families will receive Summer EBT cards in the mail, along with a list of participating stores and a shopping list to help identify approved food items.

Applications are due June 1 and can be completed online at or over the phone at 580-272-1178. This telephone number will also be available to any participating family with questions on using the EBT service.

Last Updated: 09/16/2016