Press Release

Release Date: December 29, 2022
by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

Chickasaw high school students checked college prep and planning off their list recently during the Chickasaw Nation Student Education Day at the Chickasaw Nation Community Center in Ada. The Chickasaw Nation Department of Education hosted the event, which gave Chickasaw high school students in ninth through 12th grade the chance to visit dozens of booths with information about programs and services the Chickasaw Nation has to offer young students.

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby shared the importance of continuing education and the Chickasaw Nation’s commitment to supporting students in meeting academic goals during the event. “Here at the Chickasaw Nation, we care about you and your future,” Governor Anoatubby said. “We want to assist you on your personal education or vocational journey. We want you to know that we are invested in your academic success, and regardless of the road that you take, we have resources to assist in almost every step of the way.”

There were 17 freshmen, 26 sophomores, 15 juniors and 25 seniors who signed up for the program. Each had the chance to participate in an ACT workshop hosted by Chad Cargill, a seasoned workshop leader who took the test 18 times in high school, raising his score from a 19 to a 32. Doing well on the ACT test can determine which colleges students may be able to attend or their scholarship eligibility. The workshop aimed to help students prepare for the ACT exam and understand all content areas of the test, from tips and tricks to performing well on test day.

“The postsecondary education department that I am a part of oversees the grants and scholarships that the Chickasaw Nation has to offer you,” Chickasaw Nation Postsecondary Education Director Katie Akerman said to the students during the event. “I saw from your program intake that 80 of you have something planned for after graduation. I was looking at what you were all interested in, and I saw teaching, videography, plumbing and so much more. I also saw a lot of undecideds. So, I hope today you got to visit all our booths and learn about the many career opportunities you have within every department of the Chickasaw Nation. Maybe you talked to the Chickasaw Institute of Technology or the treasury department and found something you’d like to do when you graduate. Whatever you are interested in, there is a career path for you.”

Akerman gave the students and staff a presentation delving into the specific awards and scholarships the Chickasaw Nation has to offer high school students wanting to go to college or career technology schools. The program was designed to reach out to students and show them the Chickasaw Nation cares about their educational and occupational goals.

“Hopefully today you saw that the Chickasaw Nation is committed to furthering your educational experience. Whatever career path you choose, there are many programs here to help you,” Chickasaw Nation Secretary of Education Nathan Elliott during said the event.

No stranger to the educational services offered by the Chickasaw Nation, Sec. Elliott now works with and oversees both new and older programs and services that assisted him as a Chickasaw student.

For more information, contact Chickasaw Nation Postsecondary Education at (580) 421-7711.