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Press Release

Release Date: March 16, 2018

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • Chickasaw artist Gay Faulkenberry demonstrates the art of painting still life while her students watch.

ADA, Okla. – Finding inspiration from nature and her inner artist has led Chickasaw artist Gay Faulkenberry down a path of creating and sharing her love for the arts.

Participants will be able to observe and create their own pieces of art during Faulkenberry’s upcoming workshop “Discovering the Beauty of Still Life.”

The three-day workshop will take place from Friday, April 6, through Sunday, April 8, at the Arts and Humanities Building, 201 N. Broadway Ave.

Students in the workshop will paint a still life with oils with one-on-one guidance from the art instructor each day.

Known for her impressionistic approach to color and light, Faulkenberry is renowned for plein-air paintings of urban and rural landscapes and for studio paintings of intimate still life, florals and interiors.

Painting “en plein air,” as the French refer to it, is the act of painting in the open air or the outdoors.

“My love of color inspires me to take on one of the greatest of challenges: painting from life,” Faulkenberry said. “I am driven to capture the excitement and subtle nuances of myriad reds in a poppy field, the values in a stand of golden aspens, reflected hues in a shadow or glow of a backlit flower petal.”

Growing up, Faulkenberry traveled down a path of appreciation for nature and the arts led by her grandmother Billie Rawls, who was also a painter, her mother, who studied art and her father, who worked as a geologist.

Faulkenberry’s artistic journey has taken her across the states and abroad learning, painting, exploring and teaching. It has taken her to places like Florida, Montana, California, Colorado, Vermont, Connecticut and North Carolina. She also completed a solo adventure through France.

“So many facets go into making a successful painting; good drawing, composition, proper values, interesting brush work and last but not least, passion for your subject!” Faulkenbery said. “It's a process of making them all work together."

During the workshop, Faulkenberry will explain the importance of setting up, composition, understanding color and value and pulling a painting together from start to finish.

All painting levels are welcome. Drawing skills and color mixing experience is required. A supply list of paints and materials will be available upon registration.

The workshop is available to the public for $300 per participant with $150 due when signing up.

For more information about Faulkenberry, visit To enroll, contact arts and humanities at 580-272-5520 or Stan Pollard at

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