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Press Release

Release Date: June 07, 2021
by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

KCNP Chickasaw Community Radio has increased its broadcast signal once more to now include Garvin County in its ever-expanding reach.

Brian Brashier, director of Chickasaw Nation Broadcast Productions, says the additional coverage is another step in fulfilling Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby’s dream of providing citizens commercial-free information and music as a community service.

“We started off with a broadcast signal that only reached the Ada-Pontotoc County area (89.5 FM) in 2009,” Brashier said. “Then in 2015 we were able to expand to the Dickson/Ardmore-Carter County area (89.3 FM). In 2019 we were able to add Connerville/Tishomingo, Johnston County (97.3 FM) and now Garvin County.”

Brashier said listeners can enjoy the station’s seven-day, 24-hour broadcasts in the heart of the Nation’s 13-county area by tuning their radios to 104.5 on the FM dial.

Total coverage area includes from the South Canadian River to the Red River and from either side of I-35 to the eastern portions of the Chickasaw reservation.

Brashier said KCNP’s programming is significantly different from the usual commercial formats.

“A lot of talk-radio is position based. It’s hard to find programming that is just general community information, and that’s what we’re seeking to accomplish. We do that by working with local newspapers and community groups in a public affairs format.”

He says this is what sets KCNP apart from other media. “It doesn’t really happen that much anymore where you have a radio station providing local news, public safety information, local sports and what’s going on at high schools and colleges in the area.

“There are a lot of Chickasaw citizens and other residents in Garvin County who don’t have access to any type of community radio. If people want variety or more public affairs, this gives them the option of hearing all genres of music we provide. We know our southeastern community is diverse. That’s why there’s not just one kind of music, not just one type of programming.

“We’re very grateful to be able to provide that so people will have that option,” he said.

KCNP is designated a weather-ready nation ambassador by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and in 2019 was named the Ambassador of the Year of the Norman National Weather Service.

“We have a focused effort to get public safety as it relates to weather preparedness out to people,” Brashier said. “NOAA trusts us to do that regularly, whatever the threat is for that season.

“It can be spring storms, summer heat, fall floods or winter ice. NOAA knows we’re going to process their accurate messaging and then localize it for the folks living here in Southcentral Oklahoma.”

The Associated Press delivers national and international news though KCNP’s airwaves and Native Voice One, the Native American radio network, provides news and issues of interest to First Americans from across North America.

The expanded signal easily reaches from the South Canadian River to the Arbuckle Mountains and Brasher says the station may be heard at anywhere the internet is available.

“We have people who listen to us all over the world,” he said. “It’s mostly transplanted residents or Chickasaw citizens who want to keep in touch.”