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Press Release

Release Date: March 24, 2021

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • Tiffani Jewell Henri

  • Tiffani Jewel Henri, one of the Mountaineers at Eastern Oklahoma State College, during their opening game for 2021. (Photo credit: Jacob Stitton)

Kingston, Okla. - Tiffani Jewell Henri credits a supportive family and years of dedication for being a successful athlete and scholar.

Henri is a left-handed softball pitcher from Kingston in her sophomore year with the Mountaineers at Eastern Oklahoma State College.

The Mountaineers won their opening game for 2021, Friday, Feb. 5, in Harrison, Arkansas against North Arkansas College. Henri’s family, including her “softball grandmother” Joy Henri, traveled to watch her open the season from atop the mound.

The Mountaineers returned to Wilburton with two victories from the evening.

Before moving to Wilburton to become lead pitcher, Henri spent years growing roots in Kingston. She is a longtime dedicated student of the Kingston school system, having attended all 13 years of her formal education there until graduating in 2019. She maintained a 4.0 GPA, while playing basketball and softball.

On the field, she focused on pitching and first base. It has been her dream in the process of being realized since age 9 when she began weekly pitching lessons. However, she is a well-rounded player who was willing to play any position her coach asked.

Outside of sports, Henri was also active in FFA and 4-H.

She traces her Chickasaw heritage back to her great-grandfather Sam Ward. Another of her great- grandparents, Lawrence Henri, symbolically initiated her enjoyment of sports with the gift of a glove when she was 5 years old. More recently, he gifted the glove she currently uses.

Her father and sister also supported her dreams of pitching by offering to catch her practice pitches.

Sisters, Tiffani Jewell and Alyssa, were often recruited as a pair during summer leagues and spent time together on a traveling softball team, their skills passed down from both sides of their family. Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings – the whole line played and enjoyed the game.

Watching her development over the years, her grandmother Joy noticed a few traits Tiffani Jewell possessed. She is a perfectionist, not easily distracted and prone to lead. Every loss was taken to heart and channeled into even more intense training.

Grandmother Joy remembered a recent conversation with the young pitcher who said she was actively avoiding common college pitfalls, instead leaning on familial guidance.

“I want to maintain good grades and pitch ball,” Henri said. “Dad told me college was like a job. I had to show up every day and work.”

This year’s schedule for the Mountaineers pits them against Carl Albert State College, Northeast Texas Community College, Oklahoma Wesleyan and Murray State. To follow Henri on her athletic journey, visit