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Press Release

Release Date: September 29, 2020

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

The Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press are releasing four new titles. They include “The Rabbit and the Doctor,” “Rabbit Wants More Sense,” “Coyote and the Turkey,” and “Shikonno’pa’ Anoli’ (Stories to Tell).”

To pre-order the books, visit and use code NEW15 on new releases to save 15% on your purchase. For more information, contact the Chickasaw Press at (580) 436-7282.

“The Rabbit and the Doctor”

A traditional story told by Chickasaw elder Pauline Brown is brought to life in “The Rabbit and the Doctor.” Her story, adapted by Chickasaw Press and illustrated by Brigette McGregor, takes us into the world of the past, when Chickasaws and the animals of the forest could speak to each other.

“Rabbit Wants More Sense”

Chickasaw elder Nashoba Gene Thompson shares a nuanced story told to him long ago by his aunt Te Ata, the Chickasaw Nation’s revered performance artist and storyteller. “Rabbit Wants More Sense” is illustrated by young First American artists Olivia Worcester, Adisyn Lippard, Jadyce Burns, Kail Postoak and Trevor John. It draws back the curtain on a moment between a rabbit and the One Who Created All Things, and teaches an important lesson about being content with who we are.

“Coyote and the Turkey”

In fall 2018, during a cultural evening at the Chickasaw site, Kullihoma, Chickasaw elder Nashoba Gene Thompson relayed the Creek Nation story upon which “Coyote and the Turkey” is based.

Nashoba told his audience the story first came to him from his aunt, Te Ata. Illustrated by young Chickasaw artists Lauren John and Trevor John, “Coyote and the Turkey” offers a cautionary lesson about dealing with trust.

“Shikonno’pa’ Anoli’ (Stories to Tell)”

In mid autumn 2018, eight revered Chickasaw elders gathered in the traditionally modeled council house on the grounds of Kullihoma, the Chickasaw Nation’s cultural site in south-central Oklahoma. There, they shared old and new stories with an audience of children and adults. Those stories are presented in “Shikonno’pa’ Anoli’ (Stories to Tell),” a Chickasaw Press title made possible through the Historic Preservation Fund: Tribal Heritage Grant provided by the National Park Service. The stories told that historic night reveal much of what we consider essential about our First American and Chickasaw cultures.

About the Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press

The Chickasaw Press was created in response to the basic need of the Chickasaws to own their history. Established as an entity of the Chickasaw Nation in 2006, the Chickasaw Press is the first tribal publishing entity of its kind.

Chickasaw Press publications enable the tribe to share its rich history and culture with everyone and educate Chickasaw tribal citizens, enhancing relationships within the greater community. The press also creates an understanding of Chickasaw self-governance and sovereignty.

White Dog Press is a secondary imprint under the Chickasaw Press. It allows the Chickasaw Press to build upon its vision of “preserving, perpetuating and providing an awareness of Chickasaw history and culture” by embracing popular genres and creative projects that do not fit under the umbrella of research and scholarship.

White Dog press creates an opportunity for the Chickasaw Nation to further share the history, culture and experiences of the Chickasaw people through literary categories such as historical fiction, children’s books, young adult literature, how-to books, travel writing and other categories.