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Press Release

Release Date: June 20, 2019
by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

The Chickasaw Nation recently earned a coveted designation from the Competency & Credentialing Institute that is awarded to facilities having at least 50 percent of their operating room nursing staffs CNOR certified.

Nurses who attain CNOR certification have been documented as consistently achieving exceptionally high standards of practice in providing care for their patients before, during and after surgery.

The honor is also based on the host medical facility providing continued programs that reward and recognize these nurses.

According to Ralania Tignor, senior manager of Surgical and Obstetrical Services at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center, the award is highly sought by both medical facilities and staff.

“Through the efforts of my staff and their dedication to professionalism and desire to maintain the highest levels of patient safety in the operating room, this has been accomplished,” Tignor said.

“Personally, passing my CNOR certification is one of the highlights of my career.”

The CNOR certification program is for perioperative (operating room) nurses interested in improving and validating their knowledge and skills, while providing the highest quality perioperative patient care.

Certification also recognizes a nurse’s commitment to professional development and is an objective, measurable way of honoring the achievement of specialty knowledge beyond basic nursing preparation and registered nurse (RN) licensure.

“The CNOR Strong award recognizes health care facilities that have had at least 50 percent of their perioperative RNs successfully complete CNOR certification,” Tignor said.

“Our hospital has reached 79 percent, showing our strong commitment to excellence in perioperative patient care. Achieving CNOR certification is met via a process of validation through rigorous testing of the RN’s knowledge, skills, and abilities specific to perioperative nursing care. Obtaining this certification is a highly valued personal and professional achievement.’’

Research shows that nurses who earn the CNOR credential have greater confidence in their clinical practice. CNOR certified nurses who have mastered the standards of perioperative practice provide even more empowerment, further advancing a culture of professionalism and promoting improved patient outcomes.

Patient safety and positive surgical outcomes are of the utmost importance to the Chickasaw Nation and supporting nurses as they exceed expectations to achieve their perioperative nursing certification reaffirms the Chickasaw Nation’s commitment to its core values.

“We are fortunate to have the support needed to encourage nurses to participate in this program,” Tignor said. “The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center provides each nurse the opportunity to attend a preparation course and testing, offsetting the initial costs associated with accreditation.”

About the Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI)

Established in 1979, CCI provides the CNOR® and CSSM® credentials to more than 35,000 registered nurses, making it one of the largest specialty nursing credentialing organizations and the leading certification body for perioperative nurses. The mission of CCI is to lead competency credentialing that promotes safe, quality patient care and supports lifelong learning.

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About the Chickasaw Nation Department of Health

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Health (CNDH), consisting of four locations within the boundaries of the Chickasaw Nation, attends to the health care needs of CDIB cardholders of Native American tribes in south-central Oklahoma and beyond. The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center is located in Ada, Oklahoma, with outlying clinics in Ardmore, Purcell and Tishomingo.

The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center is a 370,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art health care facility and features a 72-bed hospital, level three emergency department, ambulatory care facility, diabetes care center, dental clinic, diagnostic imaging center, women’s health center, administrative offices and tribal health programs, as well as a centrally located “town center” bridging the centers of patient care.

The mission of the CNDH is to provide an exceptional customer service experience that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. Its vision is to be the health care provider of choice. Chickasaw Nation Medical Center teams work daily to make the mission and vision a reality for patients.