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Press Release

Release Date: January 21, 2007
Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

Applications will soon be available for those wishing to participate in the Chickasaw language master-apprentice program.

Approximately 20 individuals will be selected to participate in the program which is designed to develop 10 additional fluent speakers of the Chickasaw language in 18 to 24 months.

Those selected to participate in the program will receive 40 hours of training. Each member of the team will be compensated for their time.

Current plans are to select 10 fluent speakers and 10 apprentices to participate in the program. Each of the10 fluent speakers chosen to participate will be teamed with an apprentice who has some knowledge of the Chickasaw language.

Participants must make a commitment to spend two hours each day five days per week communicating in the Chickasaw language.

While some of that time may be in a classroom setting, most communication will be in informal settings. Team members may decide to have meals together, go on shopping trips, go fishing, do arts and crafts or participate in other activities together.

For more information, call (580) 332-8624.