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Voter Registration

The election office conducts all tribal elections, registers eligible Chickasaw citizens as voters and updates voter records. Required forms are available online, at the CDIB office or any area office.

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Registering to vote in Chickasaw elections is an easy process. Chickasaw citizens who are 18 years of age or older may apply to become a voter. Registration can be initiated online, by email, by letter or by calling the election office. Tribal election ballots are mailed to voters during election periods. Registered voters receive the ballot in the mail, mark it, sign it and send it back in the provided envelope and no postage is necessary.

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Voting Districts:

Article VI of the Chickasaw Constitution established four voting districts defined by geographic boundaries. Those districts are Panola District, Pickens District, Tishomingo District and Pontotoc District. When registering to vote, Chickasaw citizens living inside the Chickasaw Nation tribal boundaries register within the district in which they reside. Chickasaw citizens living outside of the Chickasaw Nation tribal boundaries choose their voting district.

Modeled after the federal government, the Chickasaw Nation is a democratic republic. Registered voters elect a governor and lieutenant governor to four-year terms. Chickasaw voters also elect 13 members to the tribal legislature and three justices to the tribal supreme court.

You Provide

  • Chickasaw citizenship card


  • Must have been issued an official Chickasaw Nation citizenship card as reflected in the Chickasaw Nation database
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • A Chickasaw descendent who is registered to vote with another Indian tribe is not eligible to register as a Chickasaw voter, unless he/she terminates his/her voting rights with that tribe.

Other Information


Voter registration shall close three weeks prior to an election day and shall remain closed until election day or the run-off election day. Should voter registration close on a federal or tribal holiday, voter registration shall close on the first working day following the holiday.

For Chickasaws that have recently relocated, please be sure to update your address. Current addresses must be on file to receive a voting ballot during tribal election periods. For address updates, call (888) 661-0137 or email    

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This service is available both inside and outside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries

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