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Health Spending Account (HSA)

The health spending account (HSA) gives tribal citizens control of when and where health care services are obtained. Citizens 65 and older, or permanently disabled on Medicare, are eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $200 of approved health care expenses per month. Required enrollment application may be downloaded or attained by contacting the Duncan office.

Covered services are:
Premiums for Medicare Part B and/or D; medical, vision or dental insurance premiums or deductibles; doctor’s visit co-payments; preventive care and prescription medicine.

The maximum monthly benefit is $200. This benefit enables citizens to obtain insurance coverage that will help with a wide variety of services. Reimbursement may be for insurance coverage already in place, or qualified on-going medical expenses.

This benefit is especially helpful if used for Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage). Once on Medicare Part D, the citizen will also be eligible to participate in the new Prescription Mail Order Program.

You Provide

  • CDIB and Chickasaw citizenship card
  • Proof of monthly expense
  • Medicare Benefit letter


  • Age 65 without an active chart within CNDH.(Active chart is defined as having received services within the past three years from date of application.)
  • Residency outside of the Chickasaw Nation boundaries

Other Information

The Chickasaw Nation Division of Health values the health and wellness of all Chickasaw citizens.

The Chickasaw Services at Large programs were created as a direct result of citizen feedback.

Citizens living outside the Chickasaw Nation boundaries can take advantage of these services offered by CNDH. The prescription mail order program, the health spending account program and the eyeglasses program are just a few that help to serve the needs of our citizens at large.

Online Application

Service Area

Chickasaws At-Large

This service is not available inside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries


Duncan Tribal Health

1215 W. Willow

Duncan, Oklahoma 73533

(580) 470-2115

Last Updated: 07/27/2018