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Creative Writing Classes

Classes in creative/fiction writing – short story, novel, play or film script – for adults are offered throughout the year. The classes are two hours each week and run for eight consecutive weeks.  The eight weeks allows students time to complete a short story, first chapter of a novel, or first act of a play or film script and take place at the arts and humanities building, 201 North Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma.  Each week students are given an opportunity to write using story starters.  A question and answer session time is held at the end of each class.

  • Week one, students are introduced to creative/fiction writing including discussion of correct format for different types of writings.
  • Week two, students learn about plot and story development.
  • Week three covers characters – both human and non-human – and dialogue development.
  • Week four, students learn the difference between “telling” and “showing,” plus whose point of view should the story be told from and in which person – first, second or third. They also learn about pacing, how fast or slow the plot moves.
  • Week five covers the work’s setting or time period and location.
  • Week six is a review of what has been learned.
  • Week seven covers editing and revising, and week eight is a time of sharing what has been written.

Upon completion students are awarded certificates and works resulting from the classes may be published in an anthology. The class is limited to 10 students in order to allow one-on-one instruction. Once an individual class fills, a wait list is started.

Fees for non-Chickasaws are $10 per session for a total of $80.

Instructor(s) for the classes are degreed and/or certified with several years’ writing experience in various media.

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