Acting for the Stage Classes

Acting for the stage classes are taught in three levels, basic, intermediate and advanced for children, teens and adults and are offered throughout the year. The classes are two hours each for six consecutive weeks. 
Basic classes are held at the McSwain theatre and intermediate and advanced are held in the black box theatre at the arts and humanities building, 201 N. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma.  
In the basic acting series of classes, students are introduced to acting areas, terminology and projection in week one. Weeks two and three cover improvisation, building a character and auditioning techniques. Weeks four and five cover monologues and scene work.  The students work on two short monologues to use the final week as prepared audition pieces and week six students perform the prepared audition piece and are videotaped.  All materials used are appropriate for all ages. Upon completion certificates are awarded. 
In the intermediate classes, students work on scenes from familiar plays with two or more fellow students, and/or they may write short two person scenes for fellow students. 
In the advanced classes, a short one-act play is cast and rehearsed over the six week period and then is presented to family and friends.
All acting classes are limited to 10 students in order to allow one-on-one instruction.  Once an individual class fills, a wait list is started.  The youngest accepted is age eight because students are given scripts to read for “cold readings” and must be able to read without assistance.  
Fees for non-Chickasaws are $10 per session for a total of $60. 
Instructor(s) for the classes are degreed and/or certified with several years’ theatre experience. 

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