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35 Years of Progress

This year marks an exciting milestone for our tribe: 35 years ago, the Chickasaw Nation ratified our official tribal constitution.

The establishment of this document culminated the tireless process of enacting change and reaffirming the right to self-governance. After statehood, Chickasaws resisted federal assimilation policies by honoring and embracing their rich social and cultural identities.

Tribal leaders worked conscientiously to ensure that the new constitution would fit the needs of Chickasaws living in a modern society. The 1983 Constitution re-established the three-department system for our government and reaffirmed sovereignty and self-determination.

As a tribe, we have experienced remarkable growth under this Constitution. In the years following ratification, we turned our focus to economic development and business diversification while maintaining education, health care and housing as priorities. In doing so, we have been able to further support our mission of enhancing the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people.

Our people have more opportunities than ever before. This anniversary is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the guidance of our Constitution, the foresight of the tribal leaders who drafted it and the path it paved for the Chickasaw Nation to become what it is today.

Bill Anoatubby, Governor
The Chickasaw Nation


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