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Vendor Contact Information

Accounts Payable

The preferred method of invoice delivery for the Chickasaw Nation is via email. For prompt payment processing, ensure invoices include:

  • Vendor name
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Payment terms
  • Description of products or service rendered
  • Dollar amount due with tax omitted
  • Purchase order number, if applicable

Below is contact information for each accounts payable team which includes the respective email addresses for invoice submission or questions about invoice payment processing:

Chickasaw Nation Department of Commerce

Phone: (580) 235-7457 or (580) 235-2520

Chickasaw Nation Department of Health

Phone: (580) 272-1062

Chickasaw Nation Headquarters Division

Phone: (580) 272-1318

Chickasaw Nation Housing Division

Phone: (580) 399-1310