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Fitness & Health

Physical fitness is an important component of an overall healthy lifestyle. Videos in this category feature workout tips for all ages as well as ways to stay fit while at home.


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Workout At Home (Part 1): Michael Riden
Workout At Home (Part 2): Michael Riden
Workout At Home (Part 3): Michael Riden
Workout At Home (Part 4): Michael Riden
Workout At Home (Part 5): Michael Riden
Workout At Home (Part 6): Michael Riden


Chickasaw Elders: Steven Paniagua
About Elders Fitness: James Todd Morgan
Elders Fitness Workout: James Todd Morgan

Healthy Lifestyle

American Ninja Warrior: Akil Currie
AYA Walk App
Get Fresh Cooking
Healthy Habits: Dr. Grim
Healthy Habits: Dr. Kent Denson
Healthy Resolution: Melinda Stone
Ironman: Chris Wallace
Martial Arts Virtual Program
Military Medicine: Chris Wallace
New Year, New Start
Overall Wellness: Brian Perry
About the Martial Arts Program (Part 1): Matt Clark
About the Martial Arts Program (Part 2): Dawn Riden
Packed Promise Expansion
Summer EBT Program
Sweet Tooth Advice
Three Sisters
Unconquered Life Fitness: Michael Riden
Unconquered Life Nutrition: Jordy Brooks
About Tushka Fit: Coach Dominique Lyon
About Healthcorps: Natalie Tunzi
Acts of Kindness: Christi Sayre