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Press Release

Release Date: December 11, 2019

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • The Chickasaw Nation offers a public evening Chickasaw language class at no charge to any interested student age 4 to 14 with the Chipota Chikashshanompoli (youth speaking Chickasaw) language club. Classes are planned for Ada, Ardmore, Oklahoma City and Tishomingo.

ADA, Okla. – The Chickasaw Nation offers Chickasaw language classes at no charge to any interested student age 4 to 14. Evening classes are planned for Ada, Ardmore, Oklahoma City and Tishomingo.

The Chipota Chikashshanompoli (youth speaking Chickasaw) language club will meet 6-8 p.m. at the following locations and dates.

Ada – Culture and Humanities Building, 1020 N. Mississippi
Jan. 14, Feb. 11, March 10, May 12, Aug. 11, Sept. 8 and Oct. 13

Ardmore – Ardmore Community Center, 907 Locust St.
Jan. 16, April 16, July 16 and Oct. 16

Oklahoma City – Oklahoma City Community Center, 4001 NW 39th St.
Feb. 20, May 21 and Aug. 20

Tishomingo – Tishomingo Community Center, 818 E. 6th St.
Dec. 19, March 19, June 18 and Sept. 17

Parents must complete an application for students to be admitted. Participants will bolster their Chickasaw vocabulary and learn new phrases. They will build on vocabulary and grammar structures each session to advance their conversational speaking abilities. Food and drinks will be provided.

Lessons are based on the comprehensible input method and will include story listening, total physical response and picture talks. Comprehensible input methods are designed for students to learn language through natural acquisition. This helps learners understand the essence of a language through experience while working on vocabulary. Student participation will be required but limited speaking will be requested until participants feel comfortable.

The Chickasaw language was historically passed on to new generations orally. It is viewed as a gift from the creator.

Similar to many Native American tribes in the United States, the number of fluent speakers is decreasing. In 1994, the estimated number of fluent Chickasaw language speakers was less than 1,000. Today, there are less than 50 fluent speakers, with the vast majority older than 55.

Several programs and services have been established by the Chickasaw Nation to revitalize the language. To learn more about available programs and services, visit

For more information regarding the children’s language class or for an application, email Sheina Wind at or call (580) 272-5318, ext. 62359.

Other Chickasaw language learning opportunities

The Chickasaw Nation offers many convenient learning opportunities for students of all ages looking to brush up on their linguistic skills in Chikashshanompa’ (the Chickasaw language).

A self-teaching portal and workbook can be found online at There, the language is taught in recorded pronunciations grouped by themes and purpose. Greetings, food, animals and technology are some of the lessons.

A collaboration between the Chickasaw Nation and Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading language-learning software company, offers interactive language lessons for speakers of all levels. Users can access Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, a cloud-based program, through a computer or mobile app for Android/Apple devices. Rosetta Stone Chickasaw is now available at no cost to Chickasaw citizens. Chickasaw Nation employees and the general public may purchase the app. For more information, visit

Chickasaw.TV has a channel dedicated to learning the Chickasaw language through lessons, songs, games and stories. Visit the Chikashshanompa’ channel on Chickasaw.TV.

Weekly speaker-led community classes are offered at area community centers, students of all ages are welcome to learn the Chickasaw language. Chickasaw community language classes are open to the public at no charge. Each class is taught by a fluent speaker or fluent speaker with facilitator. Contact the language department at (580) 436-7272 for more information on upcoming classes.