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Press Release

Release Date: December 16, 2020

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

The fall 2020 issue of “Chokma Chickasaw Magazine,” an exclusive publication of the Chickasaw Nation, is available in digital format at no charge. Produced by the Chickasaw Press, “Chokma Chickasaw Magazine” broke from business as usual and modified operations to share in-depth Chickasaw feature stories and professional photography with everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Readers can access the fall issue on MediaWire. Subscribers and new readers alike can expect the same high-quality stories and photographs that usually arrive in their mailboxes. The “Chokma Chickasaw Magazine” fall issue can be viewed at

The fall 2020 issue features stories that are culturally and historically relevant to the Chickasaw Nation. These include:

“Pop Art Goes Southeastern”

The “pop art” movement is still seen as new after almost seven decades. Three Chickasaw artists tell how they connect pop art to their heritage.

“Don’t Make Any Friends”

A veteran of the Vietnam War joins fellow Chickasaws on a trip to Washington, D.C., for a special and personal reason.

“Chapel of Change”

As humble as Seeley Chapel appears, it commands a high place in modern Chickasaw history, marked by the 60th anniversary of one of our most important events.

“The Showrunner”

Talent and character propel screenwriter and director Graham Roland’s quick rise among the ranks of creative minds behind Hollywood’s cameras.

“Ruth Benjamin-Wardle”

The inspiring journey of a daughter, raised by a single mother in the crucible of segregation, who achieved her goal of finding her Chickasaw roots.

“Rings of Time”

Recent research in Mississippi uncovers new information about the historic George and Saleechie Colbert site.

“Master Language Teacher”

A memorial tribute to a Chickasaw elder who grew up speaking Chikasha anompa and dedicated much of his life to teaching it to others.

“Ookak Owwattali (I am hunting swans.)”

A Chickasaw tells about being perhaps the first of our people in almost two centuries to hunt ookak — the swan, a bird sacred to our ancestors.

“COVID-19: An Attack on a Nation”

Read how Chickasaws have leaped into the front lines of defense against the present pandemic.

“Adventure Road - McSwain Centennial”

Observing the centennial of the McSwain Theatre, long a fixture for movie, music and culture lovers in downtown Ada, Oklahoma.

“Chokma Chickasaw Magazine” is published in the spring and fall of each year. Learn more about “Chokma Chickasaw Magazine,” and the Chickasaw Press at