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Press Release

Release Date: March 17, 2017

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • A group of children attending the Chickasaw White House Kite Fly take advantage of warming weather and open field.

  • Children attempt to pull their kites into flight in front of the Chickasaw White House in Milburn.

  • Once the home of Chickasaw Gov. Douglas H. Johnston, the Chickasaw White House still lives up to one of its names: the mansion on the frontier. During Johnston’s 36-year tenure, he remained dedicated to his family and would help his children craft kites to enjoy on the property.

MILBURN, Okla. -- Kites of all sorts will fill the skies in the early days of spring during the annual Chickasaw White House Kite Fly, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 24, 25, 31 and April 1. The event is hosted in honor of former Chickasaw Gov. Douglas H. Johnston, who enjoyed flying kites with his family.

Open to the public at no charge, guests may bring their own kites or fly one provided by the White House staff. The Chickasaw White House grounds are ideal for flying kites, with open fields and no telephone or electric lines to obstruct flight.

Various games and activities, including tow sack races, will be part of the event. Refreshments will be included.

According to Glenda Galvan, White House manager and curator, Gov. Johnston’s children Llewellyn, Juanita and Douglas, Jr. mentioned in their memoirs how their father helped them make their own kites to fly on the White House grounds.

Gov. Johnston--after whom Oklahoma’s Johnston County is named-- owned a general store near Emet where he gathered most of the supplies necessary to make the kites for his children.

In addition to working as a merchant and eventually as governor, Johnston also dedicated much of his life to service as a superintendent of Bloomfield Academy. He and his wife Bettie are documented as being supporters of education and family time.

“They spent quality time with their children providing a good education. Their memoirs tell of family outings and events such as making the kites together,” Galvan explained. “This is what we want to continue to offer today, a place for family fun and events!”

For more information about events or tours, contact the Chickasaw White House at 580-371-9835, or visit

The Chickasaw White House is located at 6379 East Mansion Drive in Milburn, Oklahoma.

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